The Journey Continues – 2014

It’s occurred to me that school is now a long time ago. Now that sounds weird, and trust me when I say I’m thinking this for a reason, but it’s insanely true.

Two years, nearly two years ago was when I had my last EVER exam and I left school. For…well for forever.

Now this is a concept that I can’t quite seem to comprehend, and until very recently it’s just felt like a really long summer holiday. It wasn’t until I noticed something that shook me a little.

My school friends.

You know those friends you never really hung around with? Just sort of saw in the hallway and waved at them? Or had a conversation with them in passing, or even when you had a free period together. Those friends. I didn’t really realize how weird it would be not seeing the same faces every day, five days a week. Until this point, you literally spend some part of life together – school life – and you just accept that.

But now, I see everyone on social networking sites, everyone, no matter if they went to uni or not, making new friends, living their lives. Separately. You don’t hear about it through school gossip, you don’t hear what other people think of it, you just see it. People announce it.

I think maybe that’s why I’ve been…not necessarily struggling, but…well…wading through the past year. Trying to stay afloat, because I just haven’t been able to comprehend the fact that we’re not school kids any more. We’re very much adults. Adults that have to get jobs, life live, travel, and do everything you’ve ever wanted to do.

Now is the time, because what other time is there? Sure you can do it in five years, maybe even ten, but where will you be? Married? With kids? Would they want to follow the dreams you have now? Or would you simply sit and think ‘what if I went there’? ‘What if’?

I don’t want to be that person. I want to be the person that looks back and thinks ‘I did it’ regardless of whether I liked it or not, I can still say I did it. ‘At least I know’.


photo credit: Navy Blue Stripes via photopin cc