Shake it off!

Today’s been a bad day, so I’m going to leave you with Taylor Swift to sing away all your problems (and mine).


Blogging 101 Challenge Update

Make your about page irresistible

How I could dare achieve this without putting a photo of some well known actor with their top off on my page is beyond me. I did, maybe, sort of, kind of, cheat. -gasp- Yes. I cheated with my about page, but only by skipping ahead a day or two in the challenge and doing the page on Saturday, instead of today. Whoops. But in some people’s books, that doesn’t count as cheating so – WIN!

I took the advice from both the blogging 101 post, and the references and resources they had/made. However, as per usual with any writing advice given, I found a few contradictions here and there with it. But I just reminded myself that advice is advice, you have to give yourself time to analyse it and decide if it’s helpful.

I feel as though I went with the colloquial approach and kept my tone less academic (for example I didn’t use words like ‘colloquial’).

So hurrah! It is done! This is my 8th post in 8 days, and I’m seriously glad that I’m taking this seriously. As the days go on each time I go down to write a blog post it’s getting easier, the time between them as well seems a lot longer than normal, which I’m pleased about 🙂

Hope everyone else is doing well with the blogging 101 challenge?

Until next time bromigo’s,

Sophie-Louise x.

Struggling to explain feelings for personal statement

I can write any story you want me to write, I can twist it into something you’ve never possibly imagined. I’ve given myself a nickname ‘the fixer’ and I believe that it suits me well. You see I RP everyday, which is story telling with two or more people, and you choose a character and you ‘play’ that character through words; it’s great to practice writing, and plotting. And whenever my friends get stuck on plot, I’m usually the one that says “but what if we did this…”. It’s usually a crazy idea, but it works. They, in turn, gave me a nickname themselves, “Mini Moffat-Kripke”, after the writers of Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

It’s no surprise that words come easy to me, even now writing this, I’m thinking the words and they’re coming out through my hands and on to the keyboard. But recently I have to write why I’m good at writing, and how, what ‘qualifies’ me as a writer. I have to explain in as little as 4000 characters why what I do everyday means so much to me, and I can’t.

The thing is I do it because it makes me happy, it makes me excited, every time I think about it I get this tiny ball of energy that swirls inside me and I’m awake again. I’m not just breathing, I’m living. And how do I possibly explain that to someone so they can give me the opportunity of a lifetime? Someone I’ve never met? How?

I think the problem is, that when something means so much to you, you care too much, you analyse each and every word so much that the flow is broken.

Here’s hoping that I can get the flow back.

I SURVIVED. Blogging 101 – Week One

-starts playing AC/DC music and rocks out to it with an air guitar-

I have officially blogged for 5 (now 6!) DAYS CONSECUTIVELY!!!! Can I get a hell yeah?

Not quite a ‘hell yeah’ but I’ll let you off Dean. (gif not mine, I take no credit)

What have I learnt from Week One? That my theory of being active and responsive online does indeed mean your follower count increases. You have to attend blogging to be good at it I think.

I’m not alone with my thoughts which means that I’m one step closer to becoming ‘one’ with human kind 😉

Annnnnnd everyone has pretty awesome blogs and I want to follow them all :3

Things I have yet to learn – How the heckie do I get an ‘about me’ section without adding a widget? The last time I used wordpress it was before they updated it all, so I feel severely in the dark on this one, and I don’t like it. I also want to learn this new wordpress and explore it a bit more. I have no complaints about the update, it seems a lot cleaner, and easier to search for things, it’s also similar to tumblr in some aspects so I’m not finding it tooo difficult, like I said it’s just the odd hitch every now and then, like with widgets.

I also want to explore the writing 101 tag, I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do both blogging 101 and writing 101 but I’m definitely going to look into it a lot more.

On another note, the challenge for this weekend in blogging 101 is…..(remember I’m behind a week on this)…..A FREE WEEKEND. I get to do whatever I like, so I’ve drafted about 8 or 9 posts this morning and I shall be working on them 🙂

Thank you bromigo’s for reading and commenting on my blog this week, you’ve all made me feel very welcome in the blogging community, and I hope to bring more to your screens 🙂

Until next time bromigo’s x.

Waiting for the dream and blogging 101 update

Blogging 101

To be honest folks I’ve already tried out several theme’s a while ago, and this one really does work for me. So I’m keeping it, and I LOVE it.

Waiting for the dream

People with big ambitions, I’m speaking particularly to you about this one. Do you ever just have days where you sit and think “but why do I have to wait?” or “why can’t I be where I want to be now?” I’m having one of those days…okay maybe weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t like hard work, because I do, I love it. It keeps my mind going, fills up my day, and makes me feel awesome afterwards. What I’m saying is that everyday I wake up, I see all the stuff that I don’t want to do pile up in front of me, but I have to do it, because if I didn’t, I would never get to my end goal.

Again I’m not saying I’m not willing to do whatever it takes, I’m talking about small mediocre stuff like working in retail so I can afford my bills, and coming home afterwards to a messy room, and tidying it before I can get any writing done, then by the time I’m finished, I’m so unmotivated I just stick to RP on the computer, because it’s still writing and it’s all my energy will allow.

Even now I’m fighting sleep as I write this, keeping my brain engaged whilst I think of the small stuff I’ve done today.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just because of my recent decision to try and snatch up an opportunity, or maybe it’s just something that’s going to carry on until I eventually get to the next step. Or the fact that I’ve had a stressful day at work. Either way I just kind of get fed up with myself, that I can’t just sit down at my desk and write a novel in two days, and actually like what I’ve written. And I guess the point of this blog is to ask you guys if you’ve been through something similar? Or are going through something similar? If you’ve gotten over it, how? I’d love to know, but I have a feeling I already know the answer.

Everyone has bad days.

Blogging 101 – Dream Reader

Dear Dream Reader,

If you think the dreams too big or too hard, then you’re dreaming right. Just action it.

This might be because I grew up with a mother who is a life coach, as well as dealing with my own personal battles, but I strongly believe that if you think it, you can do it. It’s not easy, there’s going to be downfalls, but that’s life, sometimes life is about getting back up again.

On top of this, I hope to show you, through everyday blog posts, that I’m living out my own mantra – think it, do it.

If you’re going through a tough time, if you’re struggling to get back up again, then I hope that by taking a moment to read my blog you’ll see that you can do it. You can get back up again. I personally suffer with mild-depression and anxiety, which blossomed during the end years of my school days. It’s taken me a while but I’ve gotten back up again, I’m not completely there, but I’m standing, and that’s enough. That’s a start.

Soon I hope to write and publish a few experimental stuff, and fan-fictions on here, which I hope you find fun and entertaining, as well as find possible hidden meanings. As writing is a huge part of my life and I hope to further this with opportunities to come.

I guess I also want to be heard, to see if anyone else feels the same as me, or thinks differently.

So who is my dream reader? To be honest I have no idea, I just like writing, and this is fun to me. I guess I just hope to brighten people’s day mainly, and bring you on a journey with me.


Sophie-Louise White 

Hi Neighbours, and a new catchphrase

Blogging 101 

So today’s Blogging 101 challenge is to say ‘hi’ to the neighbours. So here I am, saying hi. I feel like I’ve already completed this challenge, I’ve interacted with many of you already and commented on a lot of your posts. But alas I shall continue to do it, and I accept today’s challenge.

REMINDER: I’m still a few days behind on the challenges, so some of you may have a different challenge than me.

New Catchphrase 

I’ve made a recent decision in my life, one that (I hope) will take me to the places I need to go to be an accomplished writer and novelist. To achieve this I have to write up a personal statement about myself and my qualities. Naturally my mind drifted off to questions that people may want to ask me.

Then I realized that one of the key questions I think will be on the other parties lips is – “Why has it taken you this long to finally do it?” Instantly I came up with an answer, it was one of those gut answers, one that came straight to my mind and I thought it before I had a chance to process it.

Sometimes the heart is too proud to listen to the head.

I think we’re all a little guilty of this. We get told as we grow up that we need to think more, to think about a situation, to think about what we’re getting ourselves into. But also to go with our heart. For a long time I’ve been going with my heart, (which is in no way wrong at all), however I’ve been sticking to the wrong feeling. It’s not happiness, it’s not accomplishment, it’s safety. For over two years I’ve just trudged through life because I thought some kind of miracle was going to happen and help me achieve my dreams. And it was safer that way, it was safer waiting for a miracle.

Then this opportunity came up, and I’m not going to say what it is just yet, but if I get this opportunity it could really help me develop my skills and become who I want to be. To get to this moment I had to seriously think about it, think about the consequences and the possibilities. Ignore the safe feeling in my heart, ignore the pride that said ‘everything will work out on its own’, because sometimes, not everything does work out, sometimes, you’ve got to make it happen.

I’ve rambled, but I hope you get my point. If you want to do reach a goal, then make the first steps of reaching it TODAY. Your heart or your head will figure the rest out later.

Speak to ya later Bromigo’s.