Blogging 101 and trying something new

Blogging 101

Edit your title and tagline

Today’s assignment (I’m still a little behind), was to ‘Edit your title and tagline’. I used the advice given on the page:

Try listing adjectives that describe your personality, and play around with the words until you can tweak them into a name that’s catchy but uniquely “you.” Puns always work well. Start with certain common phrases, songs, and literary titles, and then mix the words up. Or use your own name in a clever way.
She’s a Maineiac

I thought of words that sound like my name and thought of ‘sophisticated’ and suddenly thought of ‘sophie-sticated’. Then I fell in love. I personally believe that everyone should be themselves, and learn to accept and love who they are, and this is my own way of doing that. I’m being more me, more Sophie-sticated. 🙂

My tagline is the simple words I use to describe my blog so people can have an informative glance with just a few words.

Trying something new 

Today after I finished work, I took a big step in moving forward in what I want in life – confidence. More importantly, confidence with public speaking, to actual human being’s….that’s difficult.

To do this I wanted to attend a Toastmasters group, which is a group of people who practice, and critique each other on public speaking. After a long day at work, I was ready and raring to go. (see the selfie). Okay so I was a litttttle tired, nervous, and generally angsty, but I went none-the-less.

My mother went with me, as she’s looking to develop some of her own, already established skills, and the first thing we did when we got there was meet new people (and some familiar faces as we’ve been before like five years ago). I’m normally pretty good with new people, but this evening I was feeling nervous and actually quite shy, I didn’selfiet speak much, I gave the odd glance and nods of greetings, then sat down when everyone was ready to start the meeting.

I wasn’t really sure how to behave at the meeting, if I should take notes, or if I should just listen. My mum took notes, so I followed suit, and it wasn’t until the speeches were done and we were told we could fill in some evaluation forms that I realized the purpose of taking notes – to help critique the others afterwards.

When we stopped for a break I managed to talk more to some people I haven’t met, I spoke to one guy who was fairly new, I think it was his third time there. He had yet to have his first speech but he’d done many ‘table topics’ before.

Of course before I met him I learned what ‘table topics’ where, as someone had tried to rope me in to doing one. The best way I can describe a table topic is that someone gets given a prompt, then they have to talk about that prompt for up to three minutes. After much persuasion, I declined, but my mum gave it a go.

The Table Topics, were the most interesting and most fun part of the evening for me, it was spontaneous, and about silly subjects such as central heating, and Halloween.

After the Evaluations and winners of table topics, and speeches were announced, the meeting ended and I had a chat to a lovely lady about potential writing work for the Toastmasters blog/website. And maybe helping them with twitter. I also had a talk about being a permanent member of the group even though I didn’t stand up and say anything.

I feel the overall evening was a good experience, I’m a little disappointed I let my fear get the better of me, I probably would’ve liked to have pushed myself to do a Table Topic, alas maybe next time.

For now, it’s coming up to 11pm, I’m so tired so excuse the typo’s I shall correct them tomorrow morning. Until tomorrow, catch ya later Bromigo’s.


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