Hi Neighbours, and a new catchphrase

Blogging 101 

So today’s Blogging 101 challenge is to say ‘hi’ to the neighbours. So here I am, saying hi. I feel like I’ve already completed this challenge, I’ve interacted with many of you already and commented on a lot of your posts. But alas I shall continue to do it, and I accept today’s challenge.

REMINDER: I’m still a few days behind on the challenges, so some of you may have a different challenge than me.

New Catchphrase 

I’ve made a recent decision in my life, one that (I hope) will take me to the places I need to go to be an accomplished writer and novelist. To achieve this I have to write up a personal statement about myself and my qualities. Naturally my mind drifted off to questions that people may want to ask me.

Then I realized that one of the key questions I think will be on the other parties lips is – “Why has it taken you this long to finally do it?” Instantly I came up with an answer, it was one of those gut answers, one that came straight to my mind and I thought it before I had a chance to process it.

Sometimes the heart is too proud to listen to the head.

I think we’re all a little guilty of this. We get told as we grow up that we need to think more, to think about a situation, to think about what we’re getting ourselves into. But also to go with our heart. For a long time I’ve been going with my heart, (which is in no way wrong at all), however I’ve been sticking to the wrong feeling. It’s not happiness, it’s not accomplishment, it’s safety. For over two years I’ve just trudged through life because I thought some kind of miracle was going to happen and help me achieve my dreams. And it was safer that way, it was safer waiting for a miracle.

Then this opportunity came up, and I’m not going to say what it is just yet, but if I get this opportunity it could really help me develop my skills and become who I want to be. To get to this moment I had to seriously think about it, think about the consequences and the possibilities. Ignore the safe feeling in my heart, ignore the pride that said ‘everything will work out on its own’, because sometimes, not everything does work out, sometimes, you’ve got to make it happen.

I’ve rambled, but I hope you get my point. If you want to do reach a goal, then make the first steps of reaching it TODAY. Your heart or your head will figure the rest out later.

Speak to ya later Bromigo’s.


2 thoughts on “Hi Neighbours, and a new catchphrase

  1. “Sometimes the heart is too proud to listen to the head.” Very true. And sometimes the opposite will get ya too! Balance 🙂
    Good luck with this opportunity. It sounds like you are really trying to stretch yourself and grow. Good for you- don’t ever stop!

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