I SURVIVED. Blogging 101 – Week One

-starts playing AC/DC music and rocks out to it with an air guitar-

I have officially blogged for 5 (now 6!) DAYS CONSECUTIVELY!!!! Can I get a hell yeah?

Not quite a ‘hell yeah’ but I’ll let you off Dean. (gif not mine, I take no credit)

What have I learnt from Week One? That my theory of being active and responsive online does indeed mean your follower count increases. You have to attend blogging to be good at it I think.

I’m not alone with my thoughts which means that I’m one step closer to becoming ‘one’ with human kind 😉

Annnnnnd everyone has pretty awesome blogs and I want to follow them all :3

Things I have yet to learn – How the heckie do I get an ‘about me’ section without adding a widget? The last time I used wordpress it was before they updated it all, so I feel severely in the dark on this one, and I don’t like it. I also want to learn this new wordpress and explore it a bit more. I have no complaints about the update, it seems a lot cleaner, and easier to search for things, it’s also similar to tumblr in some aspects so I’m not finding it tooo difficult, like I said it’s just the odd hitch every now and then, like with widgets.

I also want to explore the writing 101 tag, I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do both blogging 101 and writing 101 but I’m definitely going to look into it a lot more.

On another note, the challenge for this weekend in blogging 101 is…..(remember I’m behind a week on this)…..A FREE WEEKEND. I get to do whatever I like, so I’ve drafted about 8 or 9 posts this morning and I shall be working on them 🙂

Thank you bromigo’s for reading and commenting on my blog this week, you’ve all made me feel very welcome in the blogging community, and I hope to bring more to your screens 🙂

Until next time bromigo’s x.


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