Struggling to explain feelings for personal statement

I can write any story you want me to write, I can twist it into something you’ve never possibly imagined. I’ve given myself a nickname ‘the fixer’ and I believe that it suits me well. You see I RP everyday, which is story telling with two or more people, and you choose a character and you ‘play’ that character through words; it’s great to practice writing, and plotting. And whenever my friends get stuck on plot, I’m usually the one that says “but what if we did this…”. It’s usually a crazy idea, but it works. They, in turn, gave me a nickname themselves, “Mini Moffat-Kripke”, after the writers of Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

It’s no surprise that words come easy to me, even now writing this, I’m thinking the words and they’re coming out through my hands and on to the keyboard. But recently I have to write why I’m good at writing, and how, what ‘qualifies’ me as a writer. I have to explain in as little as 4000 characters why what I do everyday means so much to me, and I can’t.

The thing is I do it because it makes me happy, it makes me excited, every time I think about it I get this tiny ball of energy that swirls inside me and I’m awake again. I’m not just breathing, I’m living. And how do I possibly explain that to someone so they can give me the opportunity of a lifetime? Someone I’ve never met? How?

I think the problem is, that when something means so much to you, you care too much, you analyse each and every word so much that the flow is broken.

Here’s hoping that I can get the flow back.


2 thoughts on “Struggling to explain feelings for personal statement

  1. Hmmm… not sure if this is the best advice or not… but you said “I can write any story you want me to write.” I’m not sure what the assignment is actually for, so I know that makes a difference, but I guess my advice would be NOT to write the story “they” want you to write. Write the story that is in your heart. Make it something personal. Something that touches your own emotions- who you are as a writer will naturally come through. For me, that usually involves getting in touch with the pain, but it might be something different for you. You’ll find it ๐Ÿ™‚
    My 2 cents… Good luck with your assignment!

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