Blogging 101 Challenge Update

Make your about page irresistible

How I could dare achieve this without putting a photo of some well known actor with their top off on my page is beyond me. I did, maybe, sort of, kind of, cheat. -gasp- Yes. I cheated with my about page, but only by skipping ahead a day or two in the challenge and doing the page on Saturday, instead of today. Whoops. But in some people’s books, that doesn’t count as cheating so – WIN!

I took the advice from both the blogging 101 post, and the references and resources they had/made. However, as per usual with any writing advice given, I found a few contradictions here and there with it. But I just reminded myself that advice is advice, you have to give yourself time to analyse it and decide if it’s helpful.

I feel as though I went with the colloquial approach and kept my tone less academic (for example I didn’t use words like ‘colloquial’).

So hurrah! It is done! This is my 8th post in 8 days, and I’m seriously glad that I’m taking this seriously. As the days go on each time I go down to write a blog post it’s getting easier, the time between them as well seems a lot longer than normal, which I’m pleased about 🙂

Hope everyone else is doing well with the blogging 101 challenge?

Until next time bromigo’s,

Sophie-Louise x.


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