Sucky times

So I found out why I was in such a bad mood yesterday, if you’d like to find out, ask the crappy headache I suffered last night that kept me up half the night. I just got over one of my first proper, real, bad, migraines. (Or at least I hope it’s gone for good, I still can’t see out of my left eye) It sucked. Really really sucked.

But I’m done feeling sorry for myself, the moment my headache disappeared I watched Arrow and went straight back to my writing work. I had to miss an entire day off work, which I hate doing, all because my migraine didn’t stop until about 4pm when the wave of sickness followed it.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be different, that the sleep I had today, and tonight will make things better. So normal blogging 101 stuff can be resumed.

Sorry for the delay folks.

See you around bromigo’s.


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