We’re all heroes in our own light

I’m not saying we’re running into burning buildings to save a local damsel in distress, or their family, which is the definition of heroic. But I am saying we are still our own heroes.

The definition of heroes in our modern society is pretty slim. It’s a definition that can be warped and twisted based on general opinion’s of others. To me, there’s different types of heroism. One of them is the burning building types, the other is the firemen, the nurses, the everyday heroes that should get more credit, but the other’s are people who are dealing with everyday life.

For me, personally I struggle to deal with everyday life activity, and by that I mean sometimes getting up and out of bed to go to work, is too much effort. Not that I don’t like my job, I love my job, but I’m not where I want to be. And then I see other people around me, people who are stuck in a dead beat job that sometimes can suck the soul from their very core, people who do it purely to put food in their fridge, and heat their homes, because they care. They care about themselves enough to do it, they care about their family enough to do it.

Some of you may be thinking “but I only do it for the money”, that’s still caring, if you didn’t care about anything then you wouldn’t do it at all. You’d cease everything all together. You’re your own hero because you still carry on.

And I’m not talking about people who are just in employment either, I’m talking about people who are unemployed but still fighting to find a job, or set up their own business. The ones who never ever give up, the ones who try everyday with all their might because they know they’re worth something.

But then again, in second thought (as I originally wrote this post in the car whilst waiting for my friend to finish work), I guess everyone’s their own hero, we each face battles or hurdles, and we each choose to conquer them.

Go us. GO TEAM.


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