Autumn Clear Out

As you’ve probably read, this past week kinda sucked for me. When I woke up this morning (still unable to look out of my left eye and with a almost-there headache) I thought to myself “sort your crap out Sophie”. So that’s what I did.

Once motivated I find it weird how the usual “mundane” tasks suddenly become quite therapeutic. I had a quick visit to town to grab the weekly groceries, then cleaned a room, then cleaned and cleared my bedroom.

It might’ve been seeing the leaves yesterday on my walk, all golden, red and shiny (pictured below), that got me into the clear out feeling, or it could’ve been something else.

LeavesI decided to go all out though, I tuned the radio on to Absolute Radio, and fully cleared out my books and CDs. Yes ladies and gents CDs, do we still remember those?

As I was clearing out one of my bookshelves I found this:

TwilightThis brought a small smile on my face. I suppose I should say “My name is Sophie-Louise White, and I’m an ex-Twilight Addict”. True story, I loved the books. The way Stephenie Meyer had you hooked on every page infuriated me with passion and made me want to flick over to the next page instantly. I made myself sick reading these books, literally sick, I had to stay off school. And coincidentally I could read even more then! Twilight is the book series that made me want to write, it fuelled my brain and gave me more passion than I could ever have asked for.

I also found several ‘Now’ CDs, and some ones I’m ashamed to even put on here, as well as my old Britney Spears CDs which I am NEVER EVER throwing away. By the end of my clear out of both of my bookcases, I got a finished result that I think looks really cute.

HomeYankee candle is in the front and centre and is the ‘Cherries on Snow’ one, and there’s a line of ribbon that’s now hanging down from one of the shelf’s that’s going to have pictures on it at some point. I think it looks pretty awesome, the fake flowers look really cute as well.

Part of me doesn’t believe that I just used the word ‘cute’ more than once. But there you have it. We’re all allowed to be girly sometimes.

I feel clear outs are good, and important, if you’re wanting to turn over a new leaf, or get into some new ways of thinking, or new ways of life, then have a clear out, for me it’s the signifier for a new beginning, like turning over a new leaf, or firing the starter pistol in a race. (except there’s no race, it’s just the start of something new).

If/When you have a clear out, what would/do you throw away and what will you never ever throw out in your entire life?

Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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