Red sky in the morning – Doctors

Red sky in the morning

Red sky in the morning may be a shepherds warning but it definitely wasn’t mine. Today was a good day, like yesterday, it went better than last week all together.

At 6am I arose from my bit bright and early and got ready for work, which went very quickly!! By the time I’d finished I was raring and ready for my doctors appointment (as my eye is still messed up), and when I got there I felt like it was the most dramatic time of my life.


Fascinated by my curls at 6am

Doctors always get my nerves on edge, I have no real reason to tell you why, it’s just a small phobia, a tiny one, that I managed to beat down and get rid of. I waited twenty minutes before my name was called, and after getting lost in possibly the smallest doctors surgery in the world, (taking a wrong turn and having to go back on my self), I walked into the room and smiled kindly at the nurse as I explained how I’d had a headache, and my eye hadn’t been right ever since.

After I explained to her, she looked at me, blinked several times before she took a breath and stood up. “I need to go get the doctor” (she was a triage nurse). So of course my first thought was “I’m dying, OH MY GOD I’M DYING”. She walked out the room before turning back to me and quickly said “follow me”.

She made me stand and do an eye test then reiterated the fact that she needed to see the doctor after taking several notes about my vision.

So I sat in the room, initially thinking that my eye was nothing, it was just conjunctivitis or something, now thinking “Jeeze, they’re going to want to take me to a hospital, maybe even TAKE MY EYE OUT AND DO SURGERY ON IT”. After what seemed like a good ten minutes, she came back and told me “the doctor thinks you should go see an opticians.”

Great. All that for an eye test!

Now I’ve booked my opticians appointment (good ol’ tesco) and I’m sat unsure if I should worry or not. I’m gonna guess not if they didn’t even look at my eye, or tell me it was urgent.

Feet up, hot chocolate out, done.

Straight after my appointment, I got my hair done, so now I’m waiting for it to dry watching pointless TV. I hope your day was just as exciting.

Until next time,

Catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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