You don’t know who you’re going to be tomorrow

I was browsing on my Tumblr account today when I stumbled across this post that showed pictures of a young Barack Obama, Robin William’s in a cheerleading outfit with some fellow cheerleaders, and many others.

Barack Obama

Apparently this is Obama and his old basketball team

When I first saw the photo of Obama I thought of how weird it was to see him at this age, and what he would’ve been like. At this age, did he know where he wanted to go in life? What he wanted to do? Did he know that he was going to run for presidency and win it? This Obama in the photo probably had no clue how his life would be in 2014, what opportunities lay ahead of him. And then it hit me. We’re all Obama. (not literally, but give me a second here).

Obama had no clue what he wanted to do, like most teenagers, but he still chose something and strove to go for it. He still walked the walk and took the steps to get there. Why can’t it be the same for us? Obama was no different than your average kid, just like Robin Williams, or Beyonce, they were all the same. It’s as adults that they’ve truly flourished, and who could’ve wished for anything better?

I finally get the saying, “if Beyonce can do it, so can you.” If they can do it, why can’t you? You’re no different. If it’s money you want? Work extra hours, get a better job. Don’t settle for something just because it’s easier, or just because it’s there. Go out. Look.

And that folks is ‘Sophie does advice’, I’m kidding, but seriously, I think it’s important to have a dream, or have something you’re always working towards. So do it.

Until next time Bromigo’s, I’ll catch ya later x.


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