REVIEW: Here She Is – Anna Akana

So as some as you might know I’m a HUGE fan of Anna Akana, and I have to say after her short film ‘Here she is’ I’m just asdfghjk all over the place.

The film is 5 minutes long, and took quite a while to produce and develop as you can see from the rest of her vlogs and behind the scene videos and photos. The end product? Amazing.

The video starts with a beauty pageant that looks a little out of this world, there’s balloons, there’s weird make up and the atmosphere is a little ‘spooky’ and ‘dark’ because of the background music. Then the scene shifts to Anna Akana standing, holding a bouquet of winning flowers, and wearing a crown, with balloons lifting up off the air. It’s then that you realize that time is rewinding itself, just as Anna ‘wakes up’ from her vision from the floor behind the stage.

As the film goes on, she keeps having visions, all the same, all rewinding back to a specific moment, until that moment happens (trying not to give too many spoilers here), and then Anna is left standing, on her own, surrounded by bodies with a sinister grin on her face.

To be honest I was a little confused by the whole thing, a good confused though ‘intrigued’, it certainly left the audience with lots to talk about in the comments below the video. And it’s definitely worth reading some of them.

The film is left a lot for open interpretation, but the common theme is that Anna’s character poisoned the balloons, so that when they fell, everyone passed out and died so she was the only one left standing, and the winner of the competition.

If you’ve watched it what do you think?

Overall I give it 5 out of 5, Anna definitely didn’t disappoint. Bravo!

Until next time Bromigo’s, I’ll catch ya later.


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