Having a Writing Routine

So today I’m starting to get back into a writing routine. Many of you are probably thinking “what’s one of those?” or “How do you stick to it?” Well I’m going to answer both of those questions, right now.

A writing routine is something you set up to do before/during/and after you write. For example, before I write I tend to light a candle (or three in the case of my picture below), choose a song or a playlist on Youtube or Itunes, then I sit down at my desk and write in 10 minute slots on each different project that I’m working on.

candles always help with everything! #candles #mood #amwriting #writing

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Depending on your needs depends on how much you want to plan it. A routine is something that’s personal to you, so personally I prefer not to set a time slot each day. So I don’t say to myself in the morning “Everyday at 7pm I’m going to write for 1 hour and a half.” Mainly because I know I wouldn’t stick to it. And it’s not because I don’t like writing, I LOVE writing, it’s because I know that I have different shifts at work and circumstances change, things prop up and I have to change my plans at the last minute. And the last thing I want to do is change my writing plans or I’ll be a miserable git for the rest of the day and most probably the week.

However, if planning it that way works for you then go for it, you’re golden.

What’s the point of having a routine? Really I guess psychologically it helps to have a ritual/routine in place so your brain knows when to harness all your creativity and use it. You aim to train your brain. For example, by me lighting a candle I hope that every time I light my specific candle, that my brain goes “Oh she must be preparing to write”, and then by me sitting at my desk and putting my headphones in and music on, my brain goes crazy like “SHE’S GOING TO WRITE, OH MY GOD SHE’S GOING TO DO IT”, then it activates writing superpowers….okay maybe not exactly like that. But similar.

How do you stick to a writing routine? To be honest I wish I knew the answer to that myself. I guess it takes willpower, strict determination, and a lack of procrastination to be able to do it. Which, lets face it, most writers don’t have.

Personally I usually turn my phone upside down and put it on silent, so I can’t see or hear any notifications that might prop up. I make sure I’ve closed all my social media accounts, and every window I don’t need, and only have up Word and a YouTube window. Any other windows that are open are a DANGEROUS distraction.

This usually works for me, and if it works for you too then awesome, lets have a fiesta. With a routine I can usually whack out 1,500 words in half an hour. GOOD STUFF right? However if it doesn’t work for you? Then try something else, I know my mum doesn’t have a routine in place as such, she sort of just goes with the flow. Routine’s aren’t for everyone.

So guys, my question to you would be, if you have a writing routine in place what is it? And do you stick to it often? To those of you who don’t have a routine, why didn’t one work for you? And if you’ve NEVER tried a writing routine, are you thinking of starting one now?

Until next time Bromigo’s. I’ll catch ya later x.


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