Christmas talk on Twitter and Brittany Maynard

This morning when I woke up, whilst I was pleased to see Taylor trending, and London, and Walking Dead (YAY look out for a REVIEW), I was a little shocked to see ‘Xmas’ and ‘Christmas’ trending. Like no. Just no.


Twitter Trends, the morning of 14/10/14 GMT.

I know it’s only 10 Friday’s until Christmas, but still, it’s a little too early for me. Even Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park doesn’t start until the 21st November!! Why world? Why?

For me, I guess the problem is I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I wanted to a year ago. I mean yeah I’ve been RPing since around about this time last year, and yeah I started this blog very recently (which I’m immensely proud of myself over), but at the same time, I still haven’t finished my novel and I still haven’t stuck to the YouTube side of it.

However after feeling a little deflated something happened. Every now and then I truly believe that something sends me a message, a little saying that keeps me going forward, keeps me working towards my dream, and that something was in the form of Brittany Maynard. I’ve seen a few posts about her come up on Facebook and there was something in particular that came up, where someone had quoted her and she had said:

“Make sure you’re not missing out.
Seize the day.
What do you care about?
What matters?
Pursue that.
Forget the rest.”

For those of you who don’t know, Brittany Maynard is 29 years old and she has stage 4 brain cancer, she plans to die on November 11th, and I highly suggest you go and click the link on her name above to read more about her and her message. Her story is heart whelming, and that quote, the ‘make sure you’re not missing out.’ one, really got to me and spoke to me more than most people have; because she’s right. Most of us worry too much about what other people think, about decisions we’ve made, or decisions we want to make, so we don’t make any at all. For example, what clothes to wear, or how our make up looks, or if we’re too old or too young to do something. We value other people’s opinions too much in places that it doesn’t count.

So my challenge for you guys today is to seize the day, if you’ve always wanted to do something but haven’t done it because ‘you’re too old’ or you’ve said to yourself ‘what will the people think?’ or ‘what will the people say?’, then do it anyway. If the ‘people’ don’t like what you’ve done, then screw them, they’re not your people if they don’t agree with something that your heart flutters and sings to.

Catch your dreams Bromigo’s, and please keep Brittany Maynard in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers ❤ .

Until next time x.


One thought on “Christmas talk on Twitter and Brittany Maynard

  1. This post resonated very deeply with me. As someone who tries to remind herself as often as possible to “seize the day”, and then spectacularly fails most often, this post is like a nice physical reminder to try harder! Thanks Sophie! 🙂

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