A New Zealand stranger sorts out my life for me, and I go to the pub.

Today I was up at 6am to leave for work at 7am, and it wasn’t until I was sat in a pub with my friends, and I was yawning loads, that I remembered that I’d been up since 6am. (I know I’m weird). My internet was also down earlier, so this is the reason the blog plost is so late, so mix that in with my tiredness, I can’t guarantee I’m going to explain myself well tonight. But ONWARDS.

Once we opened up the shop today a crazy thing happened. A man, dressed in what looked like quite an expensive suit, he was small, looked very smart and had grey tipped hair, was looking for a product in store. Once I showed him where it was, he said he was from New Zealand, and I kinda got that impression anyways, as the accent was very thick. I explained to him how my Uncle lived out there and he said:

“So when are you going out there?”

I looked at him, a little bit confused, I had no solid plans of going out there, and replied “I would like to go out there, but I don’t have a passport.” Plus it’s expensive, plus they’ve got killer bugs.

He stayed very calm and very neutral and said to me. “Right, first things first, get a passport.” And he didn’t even say this bossy, he said this in a way that you’re just left standing there nodding, and agreeing with everything he’s saying. It was friendly and polite. “Next thing, set a day, say October 2015, if you save £10 a week, up until that date, you’ll have enough money for your plane ticket out there.”

What else could I do but blink at him, slightly gob-smacked? “Uh…” I replied. “Yeah, okay, do you know what, I might just do that.”

And then he went on to explain how you’ve just got to do it now, or you’ll never do it at all. He even made a point of looking for my name on the receipt and giving me some more advice about work. And I just thought, how nice, a complete stranger, who doesn’t know me at all, has just stood there, and taken time out of his day to tell me to reach for my dreams and helped me sort my life out.

We need more people like New Zealand guy!!

Annoyingly though, throughout the day my cold symptoms persisted, and now I’m sat here with a full blown cold, and what feels like a brick in my head. Just two days before I go away to Asylum 13! I’m kinda happy about this, but also kinda sad, as I could be getting the worst of the cold out the way, or this could just be the beginning 😦

But a pub visit with my friends cheered me up.

Seeing my bestie’s always cheers me up, especially as one of them has come back for a few days from Geneva! It’s good to catch up with them and have a laugh. Plus we had a fun time trying to distinguish the difference between Geneva money, and English money. It’s actually really difficult!!

geneva money


Now I’m sat at home trying to decide if I’m too tired to watch Supernatural or not. (I know I never thought I’d say that in my life either).

Hope you’ve all had good days. Until next time Bromigo’s, catch ya later x.


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