Why I deleted my twitter for a month and created a new facebook

There’s actually more than one reason to why I did this. Facebook and Twitter are part of our daily lives, most of us wake up, grab out phone, and check our feeds like it’s the daily newspaper. And effectively that’s what it has become. Most social networking sites have trends, either worldwide or in a specific area, allowing us to check up on news before we’ve looked at a TV or a newspaper. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but let me explain more as to why I deleted.

We’ve lost the reason Facebook was invented for

Facebook was originally designated to Harvard students only, then it branched out. It was a place where students could connect with each other, share posts, exchange messages, create profiles so that there friends could catch up with them.

Twitter was originally created as an internet SMS system, where people could tweet their friends and exchange messages, but more publicly than a simple SMS message.

It wasn’t until I was sat mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook Timeline, seeing pointless status after pointless status, with people saying ‘just going to the shops’ or ‘just got some milk’, that I realized ‘Why the heck do I need to know that?’ I don’t. That was the answer. I do not need to know. With Facebook people literally just post anything they want, regardless of whether it’s interesting or not and regardless to whether people care. And even worse, PEOPLE ARE LIKING THEIR STATUS’. “Just got milk” – 6 likes. WHY? Is it to encourage them to boost their calcium levels? Next there’ll be comments like “I got milk today too.” or “Calcium makes bones strong, good on you for thinking of your health.” ..seriously?

And don’t even get me started on the game requests…

Too much promotional stuff on Twitter

And Twitter for me, was just as bad. Mainly because when I started Twitter, I wanted to have a public online presence so I could promote books and other writers. To do this I needed to follow other writers. The same day I realised Facebook was becoming a bit dull, I realized that my Twitter feed was literally full of the same tweets 24/7. “Buy my #book for 99p” then twenty minutes later “Get this book for 99p, it’s written by me”. I’m all for promoting books don’t get me wrong, you have to promote yourself somehow, but where has the inventive side of people gone? Instead of thinking of something crazy and whacky, we’re just blunt and straight to the point. Why not actually interact with people? Become a ‘person’, be someone people are interested in, COMMUNICATE before you shove your product in their face.

Too much negativity

One thing I’ve seen on all social media sites, including Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, the whole lot, is a lot of negativity. For example, X Factor. They post a picture of a contestant singing and ask if the person should’ve stayed in. Suddenly that person is ridiculed, told that they’ve got a crap voice, move their hands too much, and are ugly.

Seriously people? What happened to constructive criticism. More importantly what happened to treating people (including celebrities) like people. I’m not saying that people aren’t allowed to have an opinion, you can think they’re crap at singing, but do you have to be so aggressive with your language?

As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, seeing all of this on my feed, I realized that it didn’t help. At all. So that’s why I created a new Facebook and left twitter for a month. I now have a new twitter if you want to follow it – @SophieLWhiteUK. I’m now being a lot more selective with people I follow, and I’m going to try to keep it as personal as possible, because that’s what it was originally created for.

What do you think? Have we lost sight of what Facebook and Twitter are about?

Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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