A Weekend To Remember – Asylum 13 (Part One, Colds and Cosplays)

As most of you know from my instagram and twitter, I attended Rogue Event’s 13th Supernatural convention, called Asylum 13. This is the third one I’ve been to and I have to say it did not disappoint. It’s probably one the best conventions I’ve attended. Well organized, the staff were friendly and quite frankly hilarious, and Jaynee didn’t lose her voice until like the last moment of the con.

So let’s get started on the events that happened and the notes I took 🙂


I had the worst luck on Friday as on Wednesday I started to show signs of a cold, immediately I took Echinaforce to try and stop it, but nothing happened – it got worse. On Thursday it was bearable but on Friday? I felt like my head was going to explode, and I was going to spend about 2 to 3 hours travelling. Not cool Bromigo’s, not cool.

#Asylum13 I'm on my way!

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When I left the house I felt sick, and just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. However after about a 20 minute walk to the station I was feeling a little better. When I boarded however, Sam text me to tell me that one of her trains had been cancelled and she was going to have to get a later one. Again, NOT COOL. But I was keeping my spirits up and trying to keep positive about the whole day.

I was supposed to meet Holly when I got on the train at Reading, but we couldn’t get to each other. Once we got off at Birmingham International, it turns out she was just a few people away from me and we spent the hour and half journey away from each other. Again, NOT COOL.

HOWEVER, once at the train station I got some food, and we waited for Sam, when I saw her I ran up to her and gave her a gigantic hug. Conventions are literally the only time I get to see Sam, and it’s always so lovely to see one of my best friends, especially if they live what feels like a million miles away.

My Friday suddenly got ten times better. We got to the Hilton, put our bags in our room, Holly dumped her stuff in too as her mum wasn’t getting there until later. And then we tried our luck with queuing early, only to get kicked out of it because we were early (whoops). We hung around the bar, chatted and saw familiar faces.  One of which was PAULINEE!!

Pauline, Holly and I

Then we queued again.

Queuing for #A13 on the first day! #Asylum13 #TakeMeBackThere #PCB #PostConBlues

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Where I shared a laugh with the freakishly tall dude who was staring at the camera at the time because he inadvertently photobombed the picture.

In the queue I met Lauren for the first time who recognised me from my vlogs from Asylum 12!! It was so surreal because her mum too had watched them, and the lady behind them had watched them too. I was like ‘asdfghj omg seriously?’. Even now I’m like ‘oh my god, that’s so surreal’, because I make the videos but I just don’t expect anyone to watch them! As silly as that sounds.

Anyway, Lauren was AMAZING and we all quickly became fast friends.

Me and the beautiful Lauren!! #A13

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Once registered we then queued for photo ops and coffee lounges and meet and greets. To convention newbies you have to buy photo ops to have a photo with one or more of the guest stars. Coffee lounges are where you and a guest star sit in a room with about 15-20 other people and you have a chat, with coffee (or any other drink). And meet and greets is where you get to meet them all and have a chat.

I didn’t get any of anything, I was on a strict budget and I stuck to it! (go me!)

After we queued I got a DVD for ONE POUND, yes ONE POUND, of a previous convention with my all time favourite actress Alona Tal, my Friday was just getting better and better.

Then it was time to have some food and get ready to partaaayy. We had some glorious food. Which was yummy scrummy yummy.

Hilton Dinner

In our hotel room Sam prepared to get ready for her Alice cosplay and I prepared myself with cold and flu tablets, sniffing vapour rub, and loading my bag with cough sweets, debating whether I should even go at all.

Holly turned up after we were ready, and we all had a quick chat and talked about both of their cosplays. I would like to take a moment to say that both of my friends cosplays were AMAZING!

Alice Liddel from 'Madness Returns'.

Alice Liddel from ‘Madness Returns’.

The actual Alice Liddel from 'Madness Returns', - THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO. SAM YOU DID AMAZING.

The actual Alice Liddel from ‘Madness Returns’, – THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO. SAM YOU DID AMAZING.

As you can see Sam did the most amazing job ever!!

I made her tilt her head forward in the photo, because I thought it would be spooky. But I kid you not, what’s spooky is how the blood spatter on her dress is even incredibly accurate. :O

As far as I know the dress was especially made and tailored for her and the beauty of it will never cease to amaze me.

Holly’s was just as amazing, she cosplayed as Elsa from the popular Disney film ‘Frozen’.

Holly as Elsa

Holly as Elsa



Holly made her dress herself, and I had the honour of watching it grow from pieces of fabric into the amazing dress ever via pictures and updates on Facebook. People kept stopping her all weekend to ask for pictures and I told her that she should charge for photo ops. I still think this should happen 😉

And next everyone will be asking for her autograph!

Even her make up was amazing.

Even her make up was amazing.

We also had the incredibly hilarious experience of watching her and her mum try and put fake eyelashes on for the first time. Which I think I have recorded :L

After all this we went to the party, and had a pretty amazing time. I was still feeling pretty rubbish, I did one lobby con walk, my voice was completely gone and I stayed out until 23:30 when Sam and I went back to our room. It was an early night considering it was a convention, but I just wanted my vapour rub and my bed. I tried guys!! And I genuinely did have an amazing time!!

I vlogged from my bed and then the next day was when more of the fun happened. But I’ve rambled enough in this post, for Part Two you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow 😉

Thank you to all the Bromigo’s and new faces I met on Friday for making the day amazing, until next time, I’ll catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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