Asylum 13 Part Two: Mr Fizzles, Karaoke and Emotions.

Saturday Shenanigans

We woke up at around 6am, I had a shower, we got ready, then we went down for breakfast for 7am. Can I just say the Hilton Hotel breakfasts are always amazing!! Seriously, it’s like walking into the WIlly Wonka Land but not for Chocolate, for Breakfasts.

Breakfast at Hilton

This is just the cereal side, the cereal itself COME OUT OF TAPS. WHAT EVEN!? The hot food side is JUST as incredible!! I really recommend staying at the Hilton if you’re going to asylum 14, if not for anything else, stay for the food.

After breakfast we met up with our friend Pauline in the queue and managed to get a seat in the sixth row FROM THE FRONT. In all of my convention life I have never gotten a seat this good. It was like the first row AFTER reserved seating and upgrades seating. It was incredible, and so was the opening ceremony. I can’t remember exactly when Matt Cohen fell on to the stage, but I’m pretty sure he did it in the opening ceremony, and we all laughed, with him…not at him.

Opening Ceremony

It was Jim’s panel first, then it was Nicki’s, Theo and Adam’s and then it was Timothy Omundson’s.

Adam and theo 2 asylum 2 Adam and Theo asylum 2 Nicki singing panel asylum 2 Timothy Omundson 2 asylum 2 Timothy Omundson 3 asylum 2 Timothy Omundson 4 asylum 2 Timothy Omundson asylum 2

Nicki sang for us in her panel, I think I missed some of her panel (and Jim’s) because I had to get autographs, luckily for me they started with my group number so I could get them first thing and hassle free. Rogue were also really strict with the auto’s, you had to go when your group was called, not before and not after, and really I think this worked quickly and cleanly. But, apparently whilst I was gone, someone asked Nicki about her singing so she sang a song for us all, she has a really unique voice and I think she could go really far in the industry (without sounding like Simon Cowell too much). She also talked about her friend’s band, YoYa.

Adam and Theo’s panel was just hysterical, the pair could be a really good comedy duo so long as Adam has his bacon and Theo has his bookshop for his character Gavin (and maybe a few pigeons too). It was good to see how close the pair are, and it was literally like watching a friendship blossom right in front of you. Awww.

Theo was up next, he was the guest who surprised me most, not at all what I expected. He’s funny, really humble, and truly fascinating to listen to. He gave good answers, with added advice about how the industry works, which I loved! He also gave plenty of credit to Robbie Thompson for the character Omundson played and the development of his character too, which was ‘Cain’. It was refreshing to see some credit being given to the writers of the CW show.

After the morning panels it was lunch time. I’d gotten half of my auto’s and Sam had managed to get a few of her things too. We decided to head up to our room and grab a bite or two to eat.

When lunch was done we got back to our seats in the hall and got ready for Matt and Amy’s panel which I was really excited about, and then my group letter got called for my second lot of autographs and I wanted to cry. I had to leave and I missed their panel! But it was nice chatting to the other stars as they signed my autograph book, so that kind of made up for it.

Next up was DJ, I missed like a small part of his panel I believe, because of my auto’s, but when I got there he started to talk about these sweets. And it wasn’t until he was about to say they were really sour until I realized that they were the sweets #teamafterafterparty had at Asylum 10, the ones that burnt off the taste buds on my tongue. So he brought up two people from the audience, one to time 30 seconds, the other to put the sweet in their mouth for that amount of time, and see if they could last that long.

DJ and the sweets asylum 13

Much to mine, as well as DJ’s bemusement the volunteer was absolutely fine with the most sour sweet on the planet, she just shrugged and DJ told her to get off the stage, jokingly of course.

The next thing that happened really made my whole weekend, MR FIZZLES. Someone asked about him and DJ made one of the stewards/staff from asylum to grab his bag from the green room, to which they did, and DJ let the REAL Mr Fizzles get passed around the audience.

Me and the real Mr Fizzles asylum 2 Mr Fizzles asylum 2

Lets just say I was a little bit more than fan-girling. I particularly liked the label of ‘Supernatural Season 7’ that had been sown into the sock <3. It was just a shame that Mr Fizzles couldn’t make his trip around the whole audience whilst DJ had his panel.

Gil and Lyndsey’s panel after DJ’s was interesting and funny. I didn’t get as many notes from theirs, however it didn’t mean it was any less awesome.

Next up was Richard Speight Jr who didn’t disappoint. He was hilarious as per usual, a convention with him is always a good convention. Strap that, a convention with him and Matt Cohen is always a guaranteed good time. (Sebastian Roche is a good one too).

Nervous girl Richard asylum 2 Richard Matt impression asylum 2

He was hilarious with his Matt Cohen impression (pictured right), and fired away with the questions, coming up with witty and hilarious responses. TOP TIP to the newbies, DON’T SAY YOU’RE NERVOUS if you ask a question, because otherwise you’ll be the girl on the left, he’ll come up to you, and drag you on stage. It happened with previous guests too at Asylum 12, Mark Sheppard is a beast for doing it.

The panels finished at around 17:00, and then the group photo’s were being done so nothing was really on. Sam and I decided we weren’t going to pay for room service (as it’s £5 extra), and that we’d go down to the bar for some food.

Dinner Day Two

Chicken Ceasar wrap with some chip things. We had fries to share with these too.

 After we ate, we got ready and met up with Lauren, Pauline and Holly for the Saturday night  party, which was KARAOKE!! My throat was pretty sore, I was losing my voice, but I still sang to my hearts content until all I could do was lipsing powerfully and artfully.

Karaoke asylum 2 Matt karaoke asylum 2

It was the BEST night of the entire weekend. Some of the people who had requested songs got to go up and sing on stage with the guests, and the audience sang along. WE WERE IN THE SECOND ROW of people and SO CLOSE to the COHEN. There were lots of selfies and video’s taken, it was so amazing and so asdfghjkl. NO WORDS.

HIGHLIGHT MOMENT: In the Karaoke during the last song (I think it was the last song, correct me if I’m wrong) ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay was playing, and during the instrumental part Matt Cohen jumped down from the stage into the audience and started saying how amazing we all are, and how we’re a big family and how amazing the conventions are and…I’m welling up just thinking about it. Many of my friends cried, and it was such a beautiful moment that I’m definitely going to treasure forever.

After the Karaoke the party continued, I stayed out later than Friday, despite having no voice, and when we finally got into bed my ears were ringing from the music, but it was definitely worth it.

So that was the Saturday. It was an amazing day and we were left on such a high. Sunday will be posted tomorrow, until next time, I’ll catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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