Early Start, Busy Day, Road Trip, and an Evening Walk

5:40am, that’s the time I woke up this morning, and as per usual on a Monday I always forget that I’ve gotten up that early, so by the time it gets to about 5pm, I start to wonder why I feel so fricken tired. And then I remember ‘oh yeah, I got up early’. Clearly the early starts don’t effect me until it gets to the afternoon.

My friend and I ended up eating Mc Donald’s for breakfast, as we actually turned up for work early so we decided to reward ourselves. We went into work very proud with the fact that we’d gotten Mc Donald’s and still managed to be in early for work. I’d also like to take this time to say ‘God bless Mc Donald’s for being open 24/7, we love you’.

Onwards and upwards.

We laughed at this in tesco because we both had other friends who loved 1D, and they were reduced to clear.

We laughed at this in tesco because we both had other friends who loved 1D, and they were reduced to clear.

After work we went food shopping, and then back home to change as quick as we could before going back out again – to Wokingham. We relied heavily on ‘Google Maps’ on our phone, and after trying to take us the wrong way we managed to get there in one piece. The drive was full of Imagine Dragons as our soundtrack and just general chit chat. Plus our chicken nuggets that we managed to pick up from tesco earlier. £1!! ABSOLUTE BARGAIN.

This isn’t a food blog, so I shall continue.

Pretty lights near Wokingham.

Pretty lights near Wokingham.

We stayed in Wokingham for about fifteen to twenty minutes before it was time to head back home. Google Maps was even worse on the way home, it tried to take us to South Wales at one point, which is not in anyway near us at all. We spent the drive listening to my friend’s music which was…interestisatnav taking us the wrong wayng. If you like Ariana Grande then you would’ve been the perfect travelling companion, but every time her voice would sing I immediately leaned forwards and turned it over (sorry Ariana, you’re probably a lovely person, but I don’t like many of your songs).

It was several hours later when I got home, and ten minutes until I met with my bestie. So I checked my notifications for all my social media sites, before I headed out the door and had a catch up with her. We both caught up on our day to day lives, I got a cone of chips from the chip shop, and only now as I’m writing this do I really feel fat for all the stuff I’ve eaten today…but anyways, we stayed out, freezed our hands and feet off, before returning home.

Sitting here now, after a somewhat stressful day in some aspects, and a nice busy day in other aspects, I’m feeling the full extent of how tired I am, and I haven’t even done all the stuff I wanted to do today!!

With that I’m signing off, until next time, I’ll catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


Dog sitting adventures!!

Friday and this weekend just gone I spent most of my time at home, dog sitting our wonderful Belgium (I think Belgium) Shepherd called ‘Danny’. Now he might sound like your average cute, black shiny short haired dog. But this guy is like a toddler who is hyper on sugar. Twenty. Four. Seven.

I’m kidding he’s not that bad…that bad.

Friday was the easiest day, mum came with me to take him out before she left and I was in charge of the lead (a big responsibility), and he pulled a lot, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

Saturday was worse. First of all the hyperactive Danny woke me up at 6:30am…ON A SATURDAY – that shouldn’t be legal. After I went down to see him and check if he needed to go out, he woke me up AGAIN, so I did another check. Thoroughly annoyed I tried to go back to bed for a third time, when he barked once more and I was losing my rag, so I decided to get up.

Now my mum told me that 10am is probably the best time of day to take him out, I wanted to leave a little earlier than that to avoid the possibility of running into other dogs. As Danny isn’t good with other dogs at all, he’s shy, nervous, and excited and wanting to play all rolled into one and he doesn’t know how to handle it – those of you with dogs will know what I mean.

When I got to the field LITERALLY EVERY MAN AND HIS DOG WAS THERE. To avoid them I went through a couple of estates, hoping the two dogs Danny has had run-ins with in the past would get put on leads, but alas they didn’t. Danny saw them, and then my arm got pulled and yanked about in each and every direction.

In the end, after the two dogs left and I narrowly avoided them coming into contact with each other, I left the field a little shaky, upset and nervous about the whole ordeal.

It wasn’t until Sunday (today) came, that I realised how much Danny actually pulled on his lead. My arm ached, it was all the muscles near my armpit too. I got out with Danny a little later than 10, mainly because I was editing a Project all morning, and also because Danny decided to jump, pounce, and get hyper before we left so I had to try and calm him down. But today’s experience wasn’t that bad. He was good on the lead, and when we got to the water logged field (it was raining a bit), even better, there were NO dogs.

Taking the opportunity of Danny being good, and not pulling, I decided to take a few snaps, as it’s been a while since I last took some.

dog walk

After we got home I dried Danny off and got back to my editing, and Danny very sweetly curled up next to me. But the cute moment died the minute he started farting and the place smelt awful, think of rotten eggs mixed with rotten meat. Bleurgh.

With that smell in mind I shall say goodnight! Hope you’ve all enjoyed my dog sitting adventures, my dog is very happy now that his mum is home, he ran around the room mega excited to see her and is now currently laying on the three seated sofa, taking up all the room as he sleeps. Talk about spreading out.

Hope you’ve all had beautiful weekends, until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.

Picking Up Where I Left Off

For reasons unknown to myself, today I picked up an old project and started to read it – the thing that constantly went through my mind “this is actually really good”. it still has a few issues here and there, but right now I’m reading through it to remind myself of what I’ve already done before I can continue with it.

Which means, yes ladies and gentlemen, I have a new project to add to the list – that makes FOUR projects on the go. Plus the studying and working a thirty hour a week contract at my day job – safe to say there’s a reason I’ve been so tired recently, the job alone has been shattering me every night, plus the smaller days we’re having here in the UK. We get about nine to ten hours of sunlight a day, as opposed to a lot more in the summer. It’s also safe to say that my favourite seasons are definitely Spring and Summer. More Summer. I like the sun, at an average temperature, and with longer days.

Before I forget the new Project is called Project O, it’s part of something I’ve been working on since I was about 15/16 so it’s nice to carry on with it. The way I see it is, I’m going to get a really good editor, and then publish it.  If it’s not good then it’s not good, the point is, I can barely put the pages down right now, so I’m hoping the readers will feel the same. A synopsis will come at a later date.

Until next time, I hope you’re all having fabulous weekends, and I’ll catch ya later Bromigo’s x.

My Happy Envelope

Today my post is inspired by the ever beautiful Lauren, from http://thesamedestination.wordpress.com. She wrote a post about her own ‘happy box’ and it reminded me of something that I’ve done similar that I wanted to share with you guys in case it helped in any way, shape, or form.

I have a happy envelope. In 2012 the transition from school to full time work was hitting me hard, my thought processes weren’t exactly in the right place, and I blamed everything and everyone because of it. I often found myself upset for no reason, or because of how I’d seen a situation, plus the snowball effect that I talked about a few days ago was in full force, and that didn’t help at all. After I started to overcome this, I made myself my envelope.

What’s in my envelope:

  • a letter to myself – telling me that it’s going to be alright, and what it feels like to overcome your inner demons
  • Several notes from my friends
  • Stuff that makes me smile
  • Instructions to breathe, have a sweet and be kind to myself

So I used to have a jar of sweets next to the envelope – but I ended up eating all of them so that’s gone. Point of the envelope was that when I got sad, I just read all the stuff in it, take a sweet, and take a little time out from day to day life, then hopefully feel a bit better.

Have a look at Lauren’s post, she’s done something similar with a happy box. The point of it really, is to have a breather and remind yourself of your positive thoughts and feeling better and happy.

If you have a happy box share it with us! Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.

Throwback Thursday

Seeing as it’s my birthday Tuesday, I thought this Thursday would be the perfect day to participate in #ThrowBackThursday, otherwise known as #tbt.

What brought this on? After locking myself out of my house (long story, I’m back in now, I just forgot my key and had to wait for my parents to arrive), I walked to my nan’s and spent some time with her. When the ‘rents finally arrived, my mum walked around her living room as she talked, picked up a photo of me as a baby and practically shoved it in my face with this ‘aww look how cure you were’ face.

Naturally, I thought I’d share this with the world.

baby me

Cute right? 😉 The black and white picture on the bottom left is a picture of my nan as a kid, we used to have that one next to me as a curly haired toddler, and my nan and I looked the spitting image of each other. Which is a little scary.

My Dad the proceeded to sit there and tell me I look like a cabbage patch kid, then he brought up a photo on his phone and I must admit the photo he showed me was scarily similar. So…thanks Dad, love you too!

That’s been Throwback Thursday. I feel like I’m going to do this like once a month, or twice a month, because this has actually been quite fun to do/write about.

Hope you’re all having sparkling days, until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.

Ready, Aim, Fire – the power of music

After waking up with a better attitude in mind today, I turned up the music and was reintroduced to this beauty:

It’s surprising how a good tune keeps up your spirits during the day. It’s like the music awakens something inside your brain that triggers ‘happy’ and ‘exciting’ emotions.

Today was a good day – without quoting Elena from the Vampire Diaries, it’s actually true though, a good day was had in the White house-hold 😉 In all seriousness everyone had a relatively good day today, we’re all now just chilling out and watching TV together, even the dog is sprawled out on the sofa with us.

Plans for the night are to watch I’m a Celeb and sleep. I’ve also been thinking a lot about studying film and media, and have been looking at college courses in my area. Plus I’ve been thinking about passing my driving test soon, as that needs to happen asap.

Hope your days have been as productive as ours Bromigo’s. Sorry if this post hasn’t made much sense, the super tiredness hasn’t gone away, and I can’t think of anything insightful to say, but I wanted to blog everyday of November, so this is me blogging :L

Check out the song above, I hope it gets you motivated if you’re feeling down or unproductive today.

Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.

Getting back on track

Sometimes I ask myself, how many times can we start over? How many times can we refresh the page and say ‘here’s a new start’. The answer always ends up the same – there’s no limit.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been struggling to get back on track recently after my ‘bang’ moment. It’s been really hard to process everything that’s gone on, and all I am is tired all the time. It doesn’t help that sometimes I feel like I don’t see any daylight at all, I get a glimpse of it a couple hours in the morning, but that’s about it.

But I guess this is just my process. This is just what I do. I have a few moments that are really good, I’m on track, and I’m soaring high, then something happens and it brings me down. I also guess that I should take my own advice, see it all as a challenge or a test and carry on anyway. Seeing it that way actually gives me some motivation to try harder. I’ve had a few days of relaxing and just letting the breeze take me wherever it goes, I guess now it’s time to stop and go on the track that I want to go on.

Okay now I’m sounding really floaty and airy but you catch my drift. If you want to get back on track there’s no better place to start, than today. Right here, right now.

Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.