FIVE Top Tips for Blogging Everyday – NaBloPoMo

Recently I’ve seen a lot of NaBloPoMo going around. Apparently it’s a challenge, similar to NaNoWriMo, where you have to blog everyday for the entire month of November. Whilst I look into it further, as I haven’t signed up yet, I thought I’d give everyone my tips on how I blogged everyday for an entire month in October.

1. Don’t put pressure on yourself 

When I’ve committed to other things in the past, the amount of pressure I would pile up on myself to do it would be unbelievable. I’d force myself to think of something, anything, to complete the task at hand and often I would be left blank because I wouldn’t be able to think up anything.

The lesson here is, the more pressure you put on yourself, the more likely blocks in your mind are going to appear. If you put pressure on yourself with daily blogging, the more likely you’re going to have less ideas. Everyday wake up and think ‘I’m comfortable with this challenge, because I trust myself enough to think of ideas‘. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about – trusting yourself. Once you do that, you’ll be fine.

2. Save every idea you have as a draft 

As ideas come and go in your head, if you’re on wordpress or blogger at the time, then save them as drafts immediately. I usually come up with a title, then write a basic idea in the bio of what I want to talk about then save it as a draft. If you’re not near a computer then write the idea down on a piece of paper or as a note on your phone.

Usually I find that when I do this, I won’t go back to the draft on the same day and write that as my blog post for the day, as by the time I’m sitting down to write, I usually don’t feel for that post and write a new one. However on a day where I’m struggling for ideas, I’ll go through my drafts and pick one that takes my fancy.

Doing this helps improve your creativity, as well as gives you a safe scape for if you do come up blank one night.

3. Use everyday experiences 

If I’m stuck and nothing in my drafts is calling out to me, I usually look back throughout my day and think about things that have happened. For example my ‘New Zealand stranger‘ post was on a day where I couldn’t think of anything to say, and it wasn’t until I remembered thinking earlier in the day ‘this is teaching me something’ that I realized I had to write about my encounter with the oddly helpful stranger. And that’s what I ended up writing that night.

Everyday now I’m always thinking about how I can turn the day into a summarised blog post, and usually I end up writing about what I’ve learnt that day or what the universe has tried to tell me.

4. Don’t have an idea? Don’t worry – write about how you don’t have an idea. 

This is probably one of the best ideas anyone has ever told me. If you don’t have a single idea, not one ounce of creativity in you that day, then write about it. Say how it makes you feel, and what your goals are going to be to solve it. That way it keeps your posts upbeat and other people who might be in the same situation can relate to it.

5. Have allocated days where you talk about a certain topic – TV Tuesday? (something I think I’m going to do myself) 

Long-term solutions include themed days. Like ‘Manic Monday’ – where you tell a story each week on a monday about how manic the world is. Or ‘Trend Thursday’ where you talk about the trends on Twitter and Facebook and how ludicrous/funny they are, and sometimes, a lot of the times, controversial too.

It all depends on what type of blog you are too, if you’re a make-up blog you could have ‘Make up Mondays’ where you do a make-up haul and say what you’ve bought at the weekend, or what styles you wore. If you’re a clothing blog ‘Fruity Friday’ – clothes to wear on a night out on the town? (okay that’s a bad idea but you get the point). There’s lots of ideas to work with depending on what blog you are too, write them down and play around with words to see what you get.

and an added number: 6 – Have FUN. That’s the main thing. Be inventive with your blog posts, don’t be afraid to try out new things, and have fun with what you do – because if you’re having fun, then it’s more likely that you’re reader is going to be having fun too!

Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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