Not Feeling It

Do you ever have days where no matter what happens, no matter how many little moments happen that make you laugh or smile, at the end of the day you just feel…crap? Yeah, today, that’s me.

I wish I could give you an upbeat post about how amazing something is, or give you some inspiration, but I’m not really sure I can today. All I can do is say to you, as well as myself, that “everyone has bad days, wake up tomorrow and make up for it, have a better one.”

So what am I doing? Right now I’m sat watching Arrow, season 3 episode 1, considering whether or not to make a hot chocolate and being moody over the fact that trains suck and so do headaches.

I know I’m probably being hard on myself, but I guess sometimes we have to feel a little sad to know when we’re at our happiest.

Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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