Look At Your Balls – Snowballs! They Make You a Better Person.

As most of you know, my week off work didn’t exactly go to plan. A string of drama unfolded which led to some quick change in plans, and now I’m back at home tonight babysitting the dog because he doesn’t like fireworks, and that’s after catching up with my beautiful best friend who always makes me feel ten times better.

Usually in situations where everyday seems like a new thing to add to the drama, I do this thing that my mum (who is a life coach, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that before) calls ‘Snowballing’. Where with each new thing/bad moment that happens, no matter how small or how big, I add it to the huge pile of snow that has already happened, and will continue to roll it, adding new layers and layers of bad stuff that’s happening, or has happened in the past, until it’s this massive snowball that I can’t push or shove any further…and then I just break.

Today more drama happened, and in the past I’d add it to my Snowball, but something different clicked in my brain. Today I realized that I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. And I don’t mean to entirely float my own boat here, because I feel it just needs to be said. It’s healthy to like something about yourself. I could’ve added to my Snowball but today I’m not, I’m just shaking my head and reminding myself to relax, reminding myself of what I’ve accomplished with my personal development and how I don’t want to ruin that.

I believe that learning this, is all about learning how to react healthily to situations in life. I’m not bottling as many emotions up, I’m not shrugging it off completely and ignoring the situation. I’m letting each layer of snow on my Snowball melt and be in a puddle around me. If you’re going through a rough time today, I want you to melt your Snowball, or just smash it, break it into tiny pieces and see that each different scenario doesn’t have to add up to one big one. It may seem like it does, but it doesn’t. If you’ve dealt with something and it’s now in the past, leave it in the past where it belongs. You’ve learnt the lesson, keep the lesson, and carry that positive reinforcement with you instead.

For a Saturday, this isn’t as upbeat a post, I realize. Tomorrow I’ll try to make a more upbeat one! I’m home now, I have my wi-fi, my music, and my twitter. YAY!

I hope you’re all having fabulous weekends!! Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.

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