Settle and Waste Without an Ounce of Haste

Recently I’ve been using the tag ‘postaday’, without actually realizing that it’s already taken by Daily Post. (whooops) After having a look at the postaday challenge they’ve set up, I thought I’d have a go.

Today’s challenge is to finish the sentence below, then say how you came up with that conclusion. If you want to look at the prompt yourself and other peoples responses, then visit the post here.

“Life is too short to _____.” settle and waste.

Sometime’s life hits us so hard that we forget to be human. By this I mean we forget to treasure the small moments, the moments that make us who we are, the moments that give us goosebumps, or make our tummies flip and our hearts soar. It’s the song that you really love, or the game that gets you screaming, or even the TV show that has you gripping the edge of your seat until your knuckles are a white bone colour.

Life’s too short not to treasure those moments. Don’t waste the good moments. I know I’m incredibly guilty of taking things like that for granted, especially when it comes to the people I care about and spending time with them. It’s not until you hear about people on their death beds, or the loss of something or someone, that you step back and realise what you’ve got. Why wait until that happens? Why not stop and look now? Or stop and look everyday?

As well as not treasuring these moments, sometimes we become so narrow minded, so subjected to the world we live in, that we feel forced to focus on getting the 9-5 job, finding a partner, having kids, and then retiring when we’re ready, that we forget to dream. That’s also another thing that someone in my family recently taught me, and that’s don’t settle for anything just because you feel you have to. If you have a bigger dream, go and get it. Don’t wait till tomorrow, grab every opportunity that you have by the reigns and charge at it with all that you have.

I’m not saying every single person forgets to dream. Some people dream of the 9-5 job, the kids, the white fenced house and they’re okay with that. I’m talking to the big dreamers, the ones that want to go into a really hard industry, be it music, writing, acting, dancing, whatever. Do one thing everyday that gets you a step closer to your dream, keep an open mind and be positive about it.

Just because something isn’t going to happen with a simple click of the fingers, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try at all. People, usually people older than me, that I rarely know but I tell about my dreams, almost always tell me that I should have a back up plan, or that “that industry is really hard to get into”. So what? Just because it’s hard to get in to I should just, stop trying? No.

Think of it this way, if you were dying right now, would you rather die fighting? or just lay down and take it? Because that’s what it means to take a step towards your dream. If you commit your whole life to it, you’ll have more of a shot than someone who doesn’t try at all.

Don’t settle and waste your life folks. Live it, dream it, be it.

So there you have it, a more inspirational post today as promised yesterday. Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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