REVIEW: Supernatural EPISODE 200 – “Fan Fiction”

I’m going to try and get through this review without laughing, crying or sleeping. And only one of those reactions isn’t a direct response from the episode…that’s right the sleeping part.

Anywho, moving on.

Season: 10
Episode: 5
Air Date (US): 11/11/14
Directed By: Phil Sgriccia
Written By: Robbie Thompson (who is my all time fav)

All facts above are according to the Supernatural Season 10 wikipedia page.

First off I’d like to start this review by saying that I have been a loyal fan of this show since…well since it aired in the UK. I remember thinking after a few episodes of season 1 that I wasn’t going to watch it because it was scary (literally laughing at myself right now), but when my mum and dad bought me the season 1 box set for Christmas, I’m pretty sure I watched all of them in one sitting. I LOVED IT. And I still do. So this review may be biased…but I’ll try my best.

We start off the episode with some students acting out a part of a play called ‘Supernatural’, and then their teacher says she is going to cut the show and speak to the principle to cancel it. She then walks out, only to get wrapped up by a twig and then disappear (DISCLAIMER: *not an actual twig*). Then it flashes to the title card which is the light bulbs, and the girl saying it needs something more, and then ALL the title cards they’ve ever had flash in front of the screen and this big proud smile just appeared on my face when that happened. I’m sure it did with any fan, no matter how long you’ve been watching it, one year or almost the full ten, you’ll know those title cards like the back of your own hands. And I bet you could name all the episodes they were in too. It was just a true testament to the show by doing that and I had a little fan-girl squeal.

The episode goes on, and in a non-spoilerish way as much as I can possibly do, to me the episode felt like the boys coming to terms with the fandom. Our fandom. Us. They accepted our quirks, our ships, our different stories and versions of the show, and they did it really tastefully too. We could all laugh and smile at the things that were being said/done (especially the first song shown, I was laughing so much), and it was just really…kinda nice. I want to say beautiful, but I feel like that might be too weird. It was like the fandom as a whole were being truly acknowledged in the show, not outside it – as we all know the actors, writers and producers really get themselves involved with the fans and find out what they like/dislike about the show – and they did it in a way where you felt the fans were truly appreciated.

When the Winchester’s catch the monster, and kill it, how they kill it and how it dies is hilarious, and when the audience have their reaction I was just laughing so much. It was just such a comedic moment to lighten the mood.

THE ENDING THOUGH. THAT ENDING. NO SPOILERS BECAUSE THAT ENDING. (tweet me here when you’ve watched it because you’ll know what I mean by THAT ENDING).

I haven’t summarized my views very well here, but if I had to give it 5/5 stars? I’d give it 10/5 stars. It was seriously the 101 on how to give back to the fans, which is what a lot of the actors were saying they wanted to do. It was a really good tribute to the fandom as a whole, as well as the last 10 years and looking at the brother’s relationship. And I love that Dean kept a piece of the Samulet the fans made and hung it in the Impala, it was just really symbolic and I just about cried.

To end this really rubbish review, because I’ve tittered on about my all time favourite show, I want to leave you with a snippet of my favourite scene that made me blub my eyes out so much I’m not even ashamed.

And I also want to say, thank you Supernatural and SPNFamily, for 10 glorious years, 200 episodes, and 10 seasons. Here’s to many more!!

Until next time, catch ya later SPNFamily x.


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