Learn From Your Past

Most of you know that this blog is swiftly turning into a ‘life lessons’ blog. Mainly, my day to day activities and what I’ve learnt from them. After doing a ‘Guest Blog’ on another site today, I was searching through twitter looking for inspiration on what I can do on my own site – as I’ve generally had a very lazy and uninteresting today (apart from finally sorting out my new phone) – when I stumbled across this lovely retweet by a friend on twitter.

It reminded me of all my past troubles and grievances and basically what I’m all about as a person as a whole.

When it comes to your past you have several choices – you can run from it, or embrace it. Running from it generally isn’t the best option, but each to their own. The only reason I say this is because if you run from your past, it can chase you, and not always in a good way. I’m not talking about an old flame appearing and sweeping you off your feet (no matter how romantic it is). I’m talking about the bad side of your past (if you have one), if you choose to run and avoid it – whether it was a nasty argument or something lighter – then you can turn into the opposite of the person you want to be.

Embrace it, and something different will happen. By embracing it you have more options and choices. Personally, for me embracing my past means accepting what has happened, looking at the lessons it teaches me and how it can make me become a better person then moving on in a healthy and positive way.

For a long time I looked at my past and thought of how horrible it was (even though it wasn’t even bad, my mindset was in the wrong place, but that’s a different subject matter that I’ll digress in another blog post), and I let it get me down on a daily basis, reminding myself over and over on how the situations made me feel, then I’d glue myself to that feeling and just let it weigh me down. What moved me past this was looking at it in another light – positively – and actioning on the past. So I ask myself what I’d do next time if the situation arises, and how I can change the thought patterns behind it, and by looking at the lessons I can learn, I feel like I’m doing something active so that I can let go, get closure, and move on. But I also feel like I’m getting something positive from it too.

So the next time you start to feel down about your past, just remember that it’s taught you lots of things, and it will help you to become a better person later on down the line.

Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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