New Experience!!! – Guest Blogging

Yesterday my mum asked me to write a blog post for her. Originally I thought it would be a ghost writing favour, where my name wouldn’t go on the post, as it was her website where all her clients go to – I thought nothing more of it as I wrote the post, and tried to get it as perfect as I could.

When she proof read it, I was as nervous as anything, anticipating the feedback she would give me – dealing with constructive criticism is something I’m aware I need to work with, so standing there watching her read my work was practically tearing me apart on the spot. That is until she nodded, said she liked it – tweaked a few things here and there – then added ‘Guest Blog Post’ to the title and I just…my face was beaming so much.

She scheduled it for today and it’s published today on her website – 🙂 .

Here’s an extract:

If you suddenly gained your time, what would you do?

Free time is a gift. If you’re new to writing, then you’ll understand that your day to day activities are pretty hectic, so finding the time to do what you want to do is pretty precious. Lets say for example you have an hour or two free in your hectic schedule, what would you do with that time? Today, together, we’re going to figure that out.

For more of the post click here.

The whole experience was weird for me, it made me realize that my writing isn’t as bad as I think it is, and it also made me feel like I’d achieved something from it. I got feedback, and I took the feedback as constructively as I could, even though I was blatantly showing my worry. I wanted to do myself proud, but I also wanted to do my mum proud as I knew it was going on her website.

It also got me thinking of possible future projects involving guest bloggers on my own blog, so you guys too can experience guest blogging. And I know there’s stuff like virtual blog tours that exist too. It’s definitely something I’m going to look into in the near future.

Hope you’ve had a good day guys, until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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