Ready, Aim, Fire – the power of music

After waking up with a better attitude in mind today, I turned up the music and was reintroduced to this beauty:

It’s surprising how a good tune keeps up your spirits during the day. It’s like the music awakens something inside your brain that triggers ‘happy’ and ‘exciting’ emotions.

Today was a good day – without quoting Elena from the Vampire Diaries, it’s actually true though, a good day was had in the White house-hold 😉 In all seriousness everyone had a relatively good day today, we’re all now just chilling out and watching TV together, even the dog is sprawled out on the sofa with us.

Plans for the night are to watch I’m a Celeb and sleep. I’ve also been thinking a lot about studying film and media, and have been looking at college courses in my area. Plus I’ve been thinking about passing my driving test soon, as that needs to happen asap.

Hope your days have been as productive as ours Bromigo’s. Sorry if this post hasn’t made much sense, the super tiredness hasn’t gone away, and I can’t think of anything insightful to say, but I wanted to blog everyday of November, so this is me blogging :L

Check out the song above, I hope it gets you motivated if you’re feeling down or unproductive today.

Until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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