Throwback Thursday

Seeing as it’s my birthday Tuesday, I thought this Thursday would be the perfect day to participate in #ThrowBackThursday, otherwise known as #tbt.

What brought this on? After locking myself out of my house (long story, I’m back in now, I just forgot my key and had to wait for my parents to arrive), I walked to my nan’s and spent some time with her. When the ‘rents finally arrived, my mum walked around her living room as she talked, picked up a photo of me as a baby and practically shoved it in my face with this ‘aww look how cure you were’ face.

Naturally, I thought I’d share this with the world.

baby me

Cute right? 😉 The black and white picture on the bottom left is a picture of my nan as a kid, we used to have that one next to me as a curly haired toddler, and my nan and I looked the spitting image of each other. Which is a little scary.

My Dad the proceeded to sit there and tell me I look like a cabbage patch kid, then he brought up a photo on his phone and I must admit the photo he showed me was scarily similar. So…thanks Dad, love you too!

That’s been Throwback Thursday. I feel like I’m going to do this like once a month, or twice a month, because this has actually been quite fun to do/write about.

Hope you’re all having sparkling days, until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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