Dog sitting adventures!!

Friday and this weekend just gone I spent most of my time at home, dog sitting our wonderful Belgium (I think Belgium) Shepherd called ‘Danny’. Now he might sound like your average cute, black shiny short haired dog. But this guy is like a toddler who is hyper on sugar. Twenty. Four. Seven.

I’m kidding he’s not that bad…that bad.

Friday was the easiest day, mum came with me to take him out before she left and I was in charge of the lead (a big responsibility), and he pulled a lot, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

Saturday was worse. First of all the hyperactive Danny woke me up at 6:30am…ON A SATURDAY – that shouldn’t be legal. After I went down to see him and check if he needed to go out, he woke me up AGAIN, so I did another check. Thoroughly annoyed I tried to go back to bed for a third time, when he barked once more and I was losing my rag, so I decided to get up.

Now my mum told me that 10am is probably the best time of day to take him out, I wanted to leave a little earlier than that to avoid the possibility of running into other dogs. As Danny isn’t good with other dogs at all, he’s shy, nervous, and excited and wanting to play all rolled into one and he doesn’t know how to handle it – those of you with dogs will know what I mean.

When I got to the field LITERALLY EVERY MAN AND HIS DOG WAS THERE. To avoid them I went through a couple of estates, hoping the two dogs Danny has had run-ins with in the past would get put on leads, but alas they didn’t. Danny saw them, and then my arm got pulled and yanked about in each and every direction.

In the end, after the two dogs left and I narrowly avoided them coming into contact with each other, I left the field a little shaky, upset and nervous about the whole ordeal.

It wasn’t until Sunday (today) came, that I realised how much Danny actually pulled on his lead. My arm ached, it was all the muscles near my armpit too. I got out with Danny a little later than 10, mainly because I was editing a Project all morning, and also because Danny decided to jump, pounce, and get hyper before we left so I had to try and calm him down. But today’s experience wasn’t that bad. He was good on the lead, and when we got to the water logged field (it was raining a bit), even better, there were NO dogs.

Taking the opportunity of Danny being good, and not pulling, I decided to take a few snaps, as it’s been a while since I last took some.

dog walk

After we got home I dried Danny off and got back to my editing, and Danny very sweetly curled up next to me. But the cute moment died the minute he started farting and the place smelt awful, think of rotten eggs mixed with rotten meat. Bleurgh.

With that smell in mind I shall say goodnight! Hope you’ve all enjoyed my dog sitting adventures, my dog is very happy now that his mum is home, he ran around the room mega excited to see her and is now currently laying on the three seated sofa, taking up all the room as he sleeps. Talk about spreading out.

Hope you’ve all had beautiful weekends, until next time, catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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