Early Start, Busy Day, Road Trip, and an Evening Walk

5:40am, that’s the time I woke up this morning, and as per usual on a Monday I always forget that I’ve gotten up that early, so by the time it gets to about 5pm, I start to wonder why I feel so fricken tired. And then I remember ‘oh yeah, I got up early’. Clearly the early starts don’t effect me until it gets to the afternoon.

My friend and I ended up eating Mc Donald’s for breakfast, as we actually turned up for work early so we decided to reward ourselves. We went into work very proud with the fact that we’d gotten Mc Donald’s and still managed to be in early for work. I’d also like to take this time to say ‘God bless Mc Donald’s for being open 24/7, we love you’.

Onwards and upwards.

We laughed at this in tesco because we both had other friends who loved 1D, and they were reduced to clear.

We laughed at this in tesco because we both had other friends who loved 1D, and they were reduced to clear.

After work we went food shopping, and then back home to change as quick as we could before going back out again – to Wokingham. We relied heavily on ‘Google Maps’ on our phone, and after trying to take us the wrong way we managed to get there in one piece. The drive was full of Imagine Dragons as our soundtrack and just general chit chat. Plus our chicken nuggets that we managed to pick up from tesco earlier. £1!! ABSOLUTE BARGAIN.

This isn’t a food blog, so I shall continue.

Pretty lights near Wokingham.

Pretty lights near Wokingham.

We stayed in Wokingham for about fifteen to twenty minutes before it was time to head back home. Google Maps was even worse on the way home, it tried to take us to South Wales at one point, which is not in anyway near us at all. We spent the drive listening to my friend’s music which was…interestisatnav taking us the wrong wayng. If you like Ariana Grande then you would’ve been the perfect travelling companion, but every time her voice would sing I immediately leaned forwards and turned it over (sorry Ariana, you’re probably a lovely person, but I don’t like many of your songs).

It was several hours later when I got home, and ten minutes until I met with my bestie. So I checked my notifications for all my social media sites, before I headed out the door and had a catch up with her. We both caught up on our day to day lives, I got a cone of chips from the chip shop, and only now as I’m writing this do I really feel fat for all the stuff I’ve eaten today…but anyways, we stayed out, freezed our hands and feet off, before returning home.

Sitting here now, after a somewhat stressful day in some aspects, and a nice busy day in other aspects, I’m feeling the full extent of how tired I am, and I haven’t even done all the stuff I wanted to do today!!

With that I’m signing off, until next time, I’ll catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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