Monday Motivation – 1st Ever!

I’ve had a small break from blogging as you can tell, let’s just say that things took a massive turn, and I needed some thinking time to myself. Since then I’ve had a couple of thoughts about starting up again, and I’ve decided that I need to stop thinking about it, my thoughts need to turn into actions otherwise they just won’t get done. No better time to start than the present, right? RIGHT. Which is why I’m writing this, RIGHT NOW, even though I’m currently feeling sorry for myself and laying in bed because I’m unwell.

This is a new thing that I’m starting and a huge mission I wish to accomplish – Monday Motivation!!! I want to abolish the ‘Monday Blues’ saying, and replace it with ‘Monday Motivation’ or words to that effect. Too long we have sat and felt the perish of the long week ahead, too long we have dreaded that the weekend is a whole FIVE days away, and practically begged for that Friday Feeling.

Now it’s time to GET UP, and START TODAY. Each monday I hope to create a post that gives you that Monday Motivation. Whether it’s an inspiring story, a motivation quote, or an inspiring person. Monday Motivation IS BORN. So to start this up I’m going to give you a quote with the source in the photo. It’s something that I do regularly when I wake up each day and need a motivational boost.


YOU CAN DO THIS. Repeat it everyday, in the morning, that you feel like rubbish, and I guarantee you it will give you the push you need to get you motivated.

So that’s the Monday Motivation intro, if you have any tips, stories or want to guest blog Monday Motivation, then let me know by contacting me on twitter, or e-mailing me at –

Until next time,

Catch ya later Bromigo’s x.


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