Before I start, I have to say I’m not a professional, I’m just someone who has dealt with some inner demons and I’m still dealing with them today. Depression is an ongoing illness, there is no cure. More people suffer with it than they know. So the following advice that I’m about to give, is just that, advice. I’m not medically trained, I’m just going through the motions and sharing what I’ve learnt in my journey so far.

When to get help

One of the things my mother told me, and even my best friend, was that the time to get help is when it starts to affect your everyday life. This “it” could literally be anything from OCD to social anxiety, if you make yourself late to work because you had to check your door was locked five hundred times, as well as check the gas on your cooker is off, and don’t forget the windows, check they’re locked too, oh and you need to check the back door as well as the front….that’s when you may need to consider reigning yourself in.

There’s many different examples I can give, from locking yourself up inside and not seeing anyone, so you skip out on work because your social anxiety is that bad, to depression and being stuck in bed because you’re feeling so low you consider what life would be like without you, all of these affect your life, they mess up the routine and they only make you feel worse because you know that deep down inside it’s not making matters better…but you can’t see a way out. THAT is the absolute and complete moment where you need to pick up the phone and call for help.

I’ve gone for the extremes to begin with because it’s so important, but the other times to get help is, when you believe it’s right, and when you want to work on yourself to stop it getting to that extreme. Even if you’ve already gotten help before, you can get help again. There’s many different people to go to, and even a friend with a listening ear can help. Just focus on you, take a breather, and be kind to yourself.

Why you should get help

There’s a long list of reasons why. I guess the most important one, the one right at the top, is because you are more powerful than you know, you’re stronger than you believe, and you’re smarter than you think…yep that’s a Winnie The Pooh quote, but it helps me to remember that you and I have a purpose in this world, even if you don’t see it, I do.

The other reason is that not only do you mean something to you, you mean something to the people you surround yourself with. Again, it may not seem like it, growing up I felt like I only meant something to a select few, and some of you may not even have that, but someone, somewhere out there, does care about you. And they want you to look after yourself, and they want you to see how amazing you truly are.

Lastly, in the main list of reasons you should get help, you should stop and think about your future you. How much stronger you will be after this, how much character you would have behind you. Some people go through their lives without fighting a single battle, whereas you would’ve gone through life fighting maybe more than most, in some cases, and you’ll have so many stories to tell and so much wisdom. The character you would’ve built yourself to be will be strong, and it’s all because you can say to yourself and admit that you got help when you needed it, and it wasn’t easy, but you got there, and you’re coping. Ultimately you can say you’ve become the person you want to be.

So if you want to start your journey to recovery today, and get help. I can only advise these sites that other people have recommended to me.

Benefits of Talking Therapies  –

The Mental Health Foundation  –

Mental Health Helplines – 

To Write Love On Her Arms –

Remember you’re not alone, other people know how you feel. If you get help to day, it’s the first stepping stone towards the life you want.

Keep fighting, stay strong ❤ x.