Monday Motivation – #3

Emotions tend to get in the way of our happiness. A lot of the time, we think too much about them and end up confused. Some of us struggle to comprehend with emotions so much that they’re left feeling numb. Life is like that, there’s good days and there’s bad day’s, but the best thing about it, is when you’re lucky enough to wake up the next day, it’s a NEW day. A new start. And that’s what this Monday Motivation is about for me.


Even when times are bleak, or when timesĀ have been bleak, when you wake up the next day, it’s time to say hello to the world and present it with the you that you want to be, and give it the best shot that you can give.

On that note I hope you all have amazing weeks! Keep your head high, and your walk proud.


5 Reasons To Go To A Convention

Howdy people!

What better way to kick-start the ol’ vlogs than to talk about the most amazing experience I’ve ever had – a Convention. So if you’ve never been to one and want to go, or if you’ve been to one and are still debating on whether to go to the next one (why would you even debate, right?! The answer is always YES), then here’s a vlog to help you.

New Header for the site!!

Omg! New header!! Do we all like it??

dean gif

For various reasons I had to take a long term break from blogging, but I am back!!! We’re hitting off the week with this introductory post, which is a basic “Hello, hi, this is me.”

So Hello, Hi, this is me.


I’m Sophie, I’m a lover of fandoms, someone who is known to get obsessed over TV story lines, maybe a bit too much, so much so she ends up recreating and writing own versions of the shows in her head and eventually onto paper. I am also a huge self-motivator, I suffer with mild-depression, anxiety, and I have massive stress issues when it comes to getting things done – basically, narrow it down, I’m a typical barrel of laughs.

I believe in kindness, the Winchester’s, and being random. And that’s basically me in a nutshell, I hope you stick around to read my musings, and ramblings x.