New Header for the site!!

Omg! New header!! Do we all like it??

dean gif

For various reasons I had to take a long term break from blogging, but I am back!!! We’re hitting off the week with this introductory post, which is a basic “Hello, hi, this is me.”

So Hello, Hi, this is me.


I’m Sophie, I’m a lover of fandoms, someone who is known to get obsessed over TV story lines, maybe a bit too much, so much so she ends up recreating and writing own versions of the shows in her head and eventually onto paper. I am also a huge self-motivator, I suffer with mild-depression, anxiety, and I have massive stress issues when it comes to getting things done – basically, narrow it down, I’m a typical barrel of laughs.

I believe in kindness, the Winchester’s, and being random. And that’s basically me in a nutshell, I hope you stick around to read my musings, and ramblings x.


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