How to stick to a New Years Resolution – DON’T

Hi guys!

Hope you’ve all recovered from however you celebrated the New Year. Most of you are probably back at work (If you work in retail), and the rest of you are enjoying your weekend, or just chilling out. That’s cool bro.

Today I thought I’d share my tips on how to stick to a New Years Resolution throughout the whole year. There’s just one simple trick to it really – don’t. Don’t even bother having a New Years Resolution. Why? Because upon doing some research it seems that most of us just want to have a happy drama-free life, where we coast through and become the perfect person ever.

Well guess what? That’s probably not going to happen.

But I’m here to tell you that, that’s okay. Honestly.

I used to be the type of person that spent New Year’s Day thinking of how crappy the year before was, how I didn’t get to do any of the things on my list that I wanted to do. Now? I’m just sort of going with the flow instead and have created something a little different to a New Year’s Resolution – a New Year’s Manifesto.

  1. a public declaration of policy and aims

For some reason Manifesto just sounds so much better than a Resolution. I guess because a resolution means that you have to resolve something. And it just makes you sound like you have a load of problems that you need to solve, but with a manifesto, it’s just a list of promises that you want to make to yourself. I mean really it’s not that bad right?

To give an example I’m going to share a few of my very own manifesto points this year. And I know the definition of a manifesto is a public declaration, but really? Who makes up rules anyway? You don’t have to publish yours, just write them down and put it in a draw, or put it up on your wall, do whatever you want with it. Or write it in a blog post…like me.

So, I guess my first promise is:

  • To Get Off My Butt

And by that I mean, to stop waiting around for things to happen, and to start actually going out there and getting them. Some of you may not know this, but my YouTube plan is to kick start this January, unless my health says otherwise, then it’ll have to be next month – anyway, I’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel for years, and this year I’m going to actually do it. And hopefully make some pretty kick ass short movies to go on their too.

  • Try and better myself

Now I know I said that nobody’s perfect, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive for anything at all. That’s like saying “why bother tidying the house when it’s just going to get messy again anyways?”. You are your own house, and you wanna feel warm and snuggly in it.
So for me this is one of the most important points on my manifesto, mainly because I’m making a promise to try and always do right, to listen to my gut and my heart, and to work on myself – for example meditate, try and eat healthier etc.

So there’s two main points from my manifesto that I thought I would share with you.

Make your manifesto brief, so you’re not committing to just one specific thing, in life we’re allowed to change our minds, and with New Year’s Resolution’s you’re strict on yourself and you’ll find you probably stress out over it, but with a manifesto point like ‘Get Off My Butt’, you’re making a promise to try harder. And with a manifesto  point like “Try and better myself”, you’re making a promise to work on yourself in a way that you’re not limiting yourself to. Most people with New Years Resolution’s mostly always say “I’m going to eat healthy” or “Work out” and they don’t stick to it because they don’t have any fun with it, because they’re subjecting themselves to a specific rule. But with “bettering yourself”, you can start small, make the subtle changes, swap that packet of crisps for a banana, and give yourself a small “hell yeah that was a smart move” pat on the back.

One last tip for creating a manifesto, is to sign it and date it at the bottom, I don’t know why, but it makes the process seem more official, and you’re being more serious with yourself.

A manifesto is so much easier to stick to, and when you go into 2017, I can guarantee you that if you look over your manifesto points and think of all the things you’ve done in this year, then you’ll leave 2016 feeling pretty darn proud of yourself!

So go forth, conquer the world, show them what you got!




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