WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! – Sunday Rambles #3

Recently I’ve been having sort of a lapse, with, well everything. And motivating myself has been a challenge. The most motivation I’ve managed to muster up is to lose myself in the internet and watch almost every single cosplay video out there whilst thinking how they achieved this, with how many people, and ahhgkrjljrld everywhere.

Even this blog post is slaying me right now.

I’m questioning everything I’m doing, including these blogs and college work and vlogs. Not questioning them as in ‘do I really want to be doing this?’, but as in ‘That’s a crap idea, no-one’s going to want to like that’.


I did some meditation today, which involved inhaling a candle that smelt like Margarita. hmmm. (Wow why did I just type that). And I think it’s helped to clear my head a little. I need to step back to basics, and just go with the flow. I’m starting to get too caught up on what people will think about things that I publish, and really I need to stop giving a flying f***.

But I guess we can all be guilty of that right? We get too wrapped up in people’s opinions and then just end up sitting there numb because we’re worried that we’ll make the wrong move.

I can’t remember where I read it, but I remember the quote, it was from someone quite well known, he basically said that all his life his father was always too scared to make a decision so he played it safe, he kept the job that he hated because it got him regular income and it felt secure, a couple years down the line the company had to let him go, he lost his job and he lost money and that feeling of being secure. So it just goes to show that even when you play it safe things can go wrong, and if there’s an equal chance that things can go wrong when taking a risk, then why not take a risk and think screw it?

Don’t give a crap what people think. There’s always going to be someone out there who will laugh at you, or not like you, or think what you’re doing is stupid. Don’t focus on them. Focus on you. What you want. What makes you happy.

Thanks for reading bromigo’s, and thanks for being a listening ear.



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