Not only is it Motivation Monday but it’s also A.A. Milne’s birthday today! Don’t know who he is? Why not?

A.A.Milne wrote a series of books called Winnie The Pooh, a story about a bear and his friends travelling and discovering their world, alongside a small boy called Christopher Robin.

A.A. Milne would’ve been 134 today!! *insert shocked emoticon here* And one of the most interesting and surprising things that I have learnt about him whilst researching him for todays blog post, is that he was in the army…TWICE.

He also wrote a HECK of a lot of plays too. And other books apart from Winnie The Pooh. Plus Christopher Robin was named after his own son!! SO MUCH LEARNING.

So for todays blog post, and Motivational Monday quote, I thought I’d share a perfect Winnie The Pooh quote, and one of my favourites, in honour of A. A. Milne’s birthday 🙂


Remember that message folks. Have a Happy Monday!! And until next time, I will catch ya later bromigo’s!




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