Bored of Being a Girl

Do you ever get bored of being a girl? It’s difficult – nails, hair, whatever. And all the products are pink, and girly and flowers and butterflies. I’m a chick, but what if I want a race car themed kitchen???

I’m such a child shh.

But seriously, one thing that’s been bugging me is how gender stereotypical everything is. From a young age we’re brought up to believe that pink is for girls, and blue is for boys. And until very recently that’s the way its always been.

Now? Now guys like to wear girls clothes, and girls like to shop in the mens section because their shirts are hella awesome. Just FYI.

Do you ever just get tired of walking around a women’s clothing store and seeing the same strappy dress that was in fashion last year, but wait they’ve changed a small detail so that makes it different???

Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda just get bored of it. It makes me want to search for whacky clothes that no-one else knows about, like printed leggings that have this massive wild crazy design on them that will make people think “what the hell is she wearing?” Something completely unconventional.

And why shouldn’t we? What, just because we’re a girl we have to wear winged eyeliner, a face full of foundation, a dress with a cardigan and heels,  have painted nails and perfect hair? No. I’m a girl, and I like my jeans, and tops, and leather jackets.

I guess this comes down to a point that I’ve been trying to make for a while now. Don’t give a f*** about what people think. Dress how you wanna dress, shop in the men’s section, shop in whatever section you want, and just do it. Don’t get bored. And if you do get bored? Go out and get some hella whacky clothing, or something completely weird and original.

Thus concludes my advice for today. A slightly rambly one, but a blog post none-the-less. I’ve been going at this everyday since the 1st January, and I just want to take a moment to say thanks to every single reader, liker, commenter, and sharer that I’ve had. Your support means so much to me. I would now like your advice, do you think that I should continue doing daily blogs in february? OR should I slim them down and do three a week with a Sunday Rambles post for extra measure? Let me know in the comments below? I’d love your input! 

Until next time, catch ya later bromigo’s!


5 thoughts on “Bored of Being a Girl

  1. Eurgh don’t get me started. Having a son & a daughter I’ve noticed how very different it is to shop for them and how they get treated differently.

    Also don’t get me started on women’s clothes. Depending on where I shop I am anywhere in between a size 6-14!!!! Tops I can’t wear without buying another top for underneath and small/FAKE pockets makes my blood boil. Gah!

  2. It used to frustrate me that all the need and Fandom clothes were pretty much made with guys in mind. I have a million tshirts, which i love, but sometimes i want to be a bit more fashionable AND be a nerd! It’s been nice to see new things coming out this past year or two to break that wall. If you haven’t, check out… awesome stuff there!

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