Vlog Thursday – Tough Mudder????

Hi guys, hope all my SPN Family are still awake and with today, even after the emotional trauma of a new episode. The promo alone destroyed me.

As you all know it is THURSDAY! YAY! Which means one thing, and one thing only. VLOG DAY!


A slightly goofy vlog day, and one that I had such fun doing! So I hope you guys enjoy it and remember that thumbs up button 👍😄.



2 thoughts on “Vlog Thursday – Tough Mudder????

  1. Mud runs are great fun, but I would never recommend anyone introduces themselves to the sporty by throwing themselves straight into an extreme event like Tough Mudder. There are loads of gentler, easier and (dare I say it) fun events to choose from. We’ve listed a few such events on our site, but there are literally hundreds of them to choose from. Go easy on yourself and have fun.

    For what it’s worth, this is our pick of the crop: https://eidmudrun.wordpress.com/challenges/

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