Motivation Monday – Media Teaches Us

Hi folks

As you know I’ve hit a slump recently, and instead of fighting it, I just decided to accept it. I didn’t beat myself up over it, as much as I wanted to, I just went “okay, you’re in a bad mood. Go deal with it.” And that’s what I did.

So you may be asking, what did you do this weekend? Why didn’t we get a Rambles post on Sunday? Well that’s why. Instead of working or blogging, or Vlogging, I sat and had a day of films and Netflix. Surprisingly it taught me a lot that day, and reminded me that lessons can always be learnt, and the universe throws them out at us whenever it can, especially when we need it. We may not always see it at the time, but they’re still there.

Now I bet you’re thinking; what the hell is she rambling on about?

Let me explain.

You see, when I feel down, I feel like crap – I mean naturally right? Everyone does when they feel down. But I mean, sometimes it gets to the point where you physically can’t do anything, or the thought alone of doing it makes you feel so tired.

So when I was watching ‘About Time’, a film about a guy that can travel back in time only, I really wasn’t expecting a quote from it to lift me up as much as it did. Mainly because, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say this to anybody else. Which told me a few things about society today, but I’ll get into that in a bit. First I’ll give you the quote; 

“I just think the worlds better off with you running around in it” – About Time.

And I honestly just sat numb for a while after hearing that, not because I thought he was saying that to me, because that’s slightly mental, but because that acting was amazing, and as he said it to his sister, who was having a difficult time, you could see how much it meant to each of them, that single, moment. One that makes her re-evaluate her life and pick it up.

The whole film really, which I recommend highly, just teaches you to make the most of every moment. Even if you can travel back in time, it’s much more fun not knowing what’s going to happen next, and making the most of every minute you have of your day.

So after I watched that, I think I watched ‘Grease: Live’, which was quite cool and something I could do whilst I messed around on PhotoShop. After that I then watched ‘Begin Again’, and once again I was shocked at how much I fell in love with a film. And more importantly the song in it.

The main reason I loved this film so much was because for once it wasn’t shoving a romance down your throat and wanting you to want two people to get together, it was a natural flowing film that focused on reaching and achieving your dreams, as well as being happy.

And for me, the quote that stuck out in this film was:

“are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark.” – Begin Again

It reminds me that no-one is perfect, and really we’re all trying to achieve the same thing. To live a well rounded, happy life. That’s the ultimate goal for most people, right? And weirdly enough it reminds you that you’re not alone in this world because of it, everyone’s going through a different journey, yes, but they’re mostly all striving for the same thing – happiness.

So really I think my point here is, that once you’ve accepted the low feeling, and learnt how to deal with it, taken a time-out, you’ll probably figure some stuff out, and wake-up the next day with new goals in mind. For me the simple goal was to get up on time, and manage a day at college. Which I’m happy to report that I succeeded! Boo ya!

Hope this helps folks, and I hope you have a happy motivational monday! ❤ x.



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