Goodbye Blogging??

Hey guys, as you can tell the content I’ve been giving you recently…wait, what content? Yeah I know, I haven’t been giving you ANY content.

I just thought I’d take this opportunity, and this platform, to kind of draw a solid line in the sand, before I take a hiatus (until the foreseeable future).

So what’s been going on?

The more blogs I wrote the more I realised that the content I was giving you guys was not great. At the beginning I felt the content was pretty darn awesome. But the more the days and weeks went on, the more I realised that I was starting to worry way too much about the blog posts – thinking ‘is this good enough?’ ‘No I can’t write that, they’ll hate it’ and ‘this is so rubbish I want to facepalm the desk’.

I’ve been doing the same with my YouTube too, and practically all my social media accounts actually.

For a while I even deleted all the apps off my phone and stayed away from everything social media for a few days. I just needed air. Not only because I was getting caught up worrying about the same things(thank anxiety for that bros), but because I had some other personal health issues going on that I didn’t really want to talk about, but I’d be lying to myself and to others if I didn’t say that it was having a big impact on my life.

After weeks of re-evaluating myself and the situations that I am in, I’ve decided to take a break from blogging and stick to one thing to begin with – YouTube. It’s one video a week that I’m aiming for, it will help massively with my college work because of the camera and editing side of things, and it gives me more time to work on myself and hopefully later on I’ll come back to this blogging site.

Thank you to every single one of you that has encouraged me with this blog, read it, and liked posts, and interacted with me, you’re all awesome. I can only hope that you’ll understand why I need a break, and when I do eventually come back I hope to see you all again.

Many thanks,

Soph x.