Take The Day Off!

Call in work/school RIGHT now and tell them you’re not going in because I said so.

I kid. That would be irresponsible and downright socially unacceptable.

What do I mean then when I say ‘Take The Day Off’?

I mean that all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy – that’s the saying right? Idek. But that’s the one that keeps popping into my head.

Did you know that having regular breaks, and a good balance of work/play ethic is actually healthy? Too much of one or the other can affect your health – mentally and physically.

So after work tonight or college or school, put your feet up. Treat yourself. Have a nice bubble bath, eat some chocolate, pig out on Dorito’s, order a pizza, and just chillax. I can guarantee that the break will help you clear your head, and when you do get back to work then you’ll be ready and open to new ideas. Make sure your brain knows when it’s in ‘work’ mode and ‘break’ mode, the difference can help with the balancing act that is life.

Thus concludes my advice for today. Hope you’re still enjoying my content bromigo’s, and thank you for all of your comments so far! I appreciate each and every single one of them, and reply to them as much as I can :). Happy Tuesday!


Monday Motivation || Moody Monday

Happy Monday guys!!

As we all know it is Motivational Monday (or Monday Motivation) whatever you want to call it. And today I woke up super duper moody. So really, for me, Moody Monday is a little more relevant.

It wasn’t until I realised that I’ve been grumping about everything all day, that I realised “You’re being hella negative today Sophie.”

And it got me thinking.

Negativity is something that can become a real nasty habit. Yes, a habit because that’s exactly what it is. I find that once I start I can’t stop, I’ll spend the rest of the day moaning or complaining and then wonder why I’m in such a bad mood?

Well I can tell myself this, the reason I’m in a bad mood, is because I haven’t said one positive thing all day.

So here goes, positivity:

  • My makeup is pretty on point today.
  • I’ve done 4 1/2 hours worth of college work today – GO ME! YAY!
  • I managed to get help from a friend with Photoshop. Woo!
  • Mum went shopping so now we have a house full of food and I can raid the cupboards anytime I like.

Already I feel a lot lighter. You should try it bromigo’s if you’re having a Moody Monday.

Now I’m going to write some more content for you guys, plan thursdays vlog, and…



Hope you manage to kick its ass too!

Lemon Meringue Pie Debate||National Pie Day

Happy National Pie Day!!!!

Dean pie

Yes that’s right, it’s national pie day, and I have failed in my duty to have any pie. I am so sorry bromigo’s. I tired, I really did but by the time I got to the shops, THEY HAD SOLD OUT OF LEMON MERINGUE PIE.

Now let me tell you a story,

as I’m writing this, I’m on skype with a friend. And they just announced to me that Lemon Meringue isn’t actually a PIE.




My argument is that it’s called a LEMON MERINGUE PIE. His argument is that you can’t call it a pie because it doesn’t have an upper crust or something (idek he doesn’t make sense).

Anywhoo, this has now become a big debate between us and our friends. So if you wanna jump in on the bandwagon and send us your thoughts, you can do.

Help us figure out this topic, and vote:

Apparently and I quote “Dean Winchester wouldn’t be caught eating Lemon Meringue Pie”.


Help us figure it out guys.



Why You Should: Practice Living On Your Own

Olla bromigo’s

Today I’m here to talk to you about a very important practice: Living by yourself. Now I don’t know what age you are, if you’re 18+ I would definitely say try living by yourself, even if it’s just house sitting for your grandparents whilst they’re away, or even if your parents go away and you want to stay home. Do this for a good two to five days. If you’re under 18 then start by making your own dinners, or keeping your room tidy for longer than two hours (I still struggle with this mind you, and I’m 22).

Why? Put it this way, one day you’re going to wake up and realise you’re old enough to buy a house or move out, especially if you plan on going to uni this is so important, and you’re going to fancy something really nice, like pasta. Then you’re going to go to the fridge, and realise, you don’t know how to make pasta.

Naturally my example is about food, but even still. There’s just certain things that you don’t realise you’re parents or adult of the house do, that you’re going to need to do when you have your own place. Whether it’s uni or a house of your own, you’re going to need to do certain tasks that you wouldn’t have thought of before now. Yeah, they’re small things, but they are things that build up that if you don’t do you’ll know about it.

Plus it’s pretty good to spend some time by yourself. Personally I love just having a house to myself so I can just get on and write, or edit, or plan some future blogs and vlogs, without any distractions. However I know some people who absolutely hate spending time by themselves because they have no idea what to do, and end up craving people to talk to and hating being by themselves. Being alone doesn’t have to be boring, it’s good and healthy to find out more about yourself and learn what you could do if you have free time.

So go forth bromigo’s, go out there and learn more about yourself, learn how to do something you’ve never done before, and practice being by yourself.

Until next time, catch ya later x.


5 Reasons To Go To A Convention

Howdy people!

What better way to kick-start the ol’ vlogs than to talk about the most amazing experience I’ve ever had – a Convention. So if you’ve never been to one and want to go, or if you’ve been to one and are still debating on whether to go to the next one (why would you even debate, right?! The answer is always YES), then here’s a vlog to help you.

Taking the Next Big Step

After Monday Motivation, comes Tuesday Teachings…I kid. On a serious note, my Tuesday has been interesting, more so than usual. After work I went to an open evening for something that could turn into a serious life change and decision, okay so I’m probably over dramatising here, but that’s what it feels like. As it’s something that I’ve never done before, and it’s a completely and utterly new world to me.

Why are we always so nervous when it comes to something new? It’s something that was racking my brain as I walked to the event – my heart was pounding so fast, my neck felt tight, my teeth grit together and after all of that, I walked away from the event completely unharmed.

I asked some of you guys on twitter why we get so nervous at first events, and my friend replied ‘It’s the fear of the unknown’, and it struck me there and then – that’s exactly why we get so nervous. We have no control over the situation, we have no idea what we’re walking into or what it’s going to be like, and that’s why we get so scared.

This brings me to today’s challenge (or tomorrow’s if you’re reading this late at night), go out there and do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never dared do it. After the open evening I attended I couldn’t stop smiling, it feels good to know that I’m one step further to my all time dream, so I highly recommend doing it. Whether it’s booking your first driving lesson, or going bungee jumping, just do it. Trust your gut and your feelings and if it’s something you really want to do, make the first step and do it.

So ends my blog post today. Remember folks, Tuesday is my TV Tuesday, so if you bromigo’s want to live tweet Supernatural and The 100 with me, then go ahead. The 100 is at  9pm on E4, and Supernatural is on the same channel at 10pm. They’re two good shows which I hope to have reviewed for tomorrows blogging posts. My twitter handle is @SophieLWhiteUK.

Until next time bromigo’s, catch ya later.

Monday Motivation – 1st Ever!

I’ve had a small break from blogging as you can tell, let’s just say that things took a massive turn, and I needed some thinking time to myself. Since then I’ve had a couple of thoughts about starting up again, and I’ve decided that I need to stop thinking about it, my thoughts need to turn into actions otherwise they just won’t get done. No better time to start than the present, right? RIGHT. Which is why I’m writing this, RIGHT NOW, even though I’m currently feeling sorry for myself and laying in bed because I’m unwell.

This is a new thing that I’m starting and a huge mission I wish to accomplish – Monday Motivation!!! I want to abolish the ‘Monday Blues’ saying, and replace it with ‘Monday Motivation’ or words to that effect. Too long we have sat and felt the perish of the long week ahead, too long we have dreaded that the weekend is a whole FIVE days away, and practically begged for that Friday Feeling.

Now it’s time to GET UP, and START TODAY. Each monday I hope to create a post that gives you that Monday Motivation. Whether it’s an inspiring story, a motivation quote, or an inspiring person. Monday Motivation IS BORN. So to start this up I’m going to give you a quote with the source in the photo. It’s something that I do regularly when I wake up each day and need a motivational boost.


YOU CAN DO THIS. Repeat it everyday, in the morning, that you feel like rubbish, and I guarantee you it will give you the push you need to get you motivated.

So that’s the Monday Motivation intro, if you have any tips, stories or want to guest blog Monday Motivation, then let me know by contacting me on twitter, or e-mailing me at – sophie@sophielwhite.com.

Until next time,

Catch ya later Bromigo’s x.