Boy do I need this – Motivation Monday

Hey folks, how ya been?

So I’m aware that I haven’t posted anything since the 27th, and first off let me just give a huge apology to those of you that were expecting a post on this blog the last three days and didn’t get one. However the last three days I just needed a time out. Which I talked about previously a lot, before making this post.

What better a time to talk about this than on Motivation Monday?

Basically my mood kind of dipped, and I’ve been super paranoid about everything and everyone. So I just needed to take a step back, and focus on me for a few days. And said to myself “starting Monday, I’m going to BOSS this.”

So Sunday night, was unplanned and unexpected. After having a Skype chat and game with the Squad, I went to bed and just couldn’t sleep…again. When it came to Monday morning, I did not get up…until 2 hours after my bus was due. Quite obviously, I missed my bus. Which meant I had no transport to get into college without walking for 2 hours to get there, or using a service that overcharged and that I can’t afford.


With the true name of Motivation Monday in mind, I peeled myself out of my duvet and warmth, got some food, and got changed, then sat myself in the office (hence forth known as the ‘cave’) and have done 5 hours plus work on college. Which is MORE than what I would’ve done if I had actually gone to college.

The point of this blog post is, no matter what state of mind you’re in. It’s temporary. If you want to, and you work on it, you can pull yourself out of whatever slump you’re in. No matter how big or how small it is.

You got this.






How to: KICK YOUR OWN ASS – #MotivationMonday

It’s time to get pumped!

Yes. You. You can do the thing. Wait, what’s that? You…you can’t do the thing? NO EXCUSES. DO IT.


Do I sound like Shia yet?


Seriously though, motivating yourself can be damn hard. Some days you just don’t wanna do the thing. And that’s okay. Really. Give yourself a break, veg out, listen to your body. But if you find yourself not doing the “thing” that you really want to do regularly, and that “thing” is going to make you happy and positive, and give you a general good step in the right direction, then why aren’t you doing it?

I guess the first question you have to ask yourself is, why haven’t you done it yet? Is it genuine lack of motivation, depression, an illness? If so, then make today the first step in the right direction. Do ONE thing that kick starts you. Gee yourself up in a way that’s going to make you REALLY want to do the thing. For me, I read blog posts, or I listen to a hella rad song (and recently that’s been Halsey), then I’m instantly motivated to get up and do something. I kick my own ass and DO IT.

Shia would be proud.

(If it’s mental illness or other health problems, then I really would advise speaking to someone first, because before you go off on adventures, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re happy with you, and that you’re in a good place.)

But there’s that other possibility, the other reason you haven’t done it yet. And that might be that you don’t actually want to do the thing. Because when you think about it, that thing might not be a great thing, or it might not sit right, or you just might have no interest in it at all. And that’s okay too.

I guess before you can kick your own ass, you have to figure out what it is you actually want, sit and have a conversation with yourself if that’s what it takes. For me I write down everything I want to do, then sit and look at it and prioritise others over another, depending on how much I actually want to do it. And generally speaking I measure it with how excited I get over the project. This blog post right now is one of those things, I’ve had the day at college so now I’m sat writing this because I REALLY wanted to write it.

Find the thing that you really want to do. Then tell yourself everyday that you’re going to do it, no matter what. If you get a distraction? That’s cool, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just either stop immediately, then go and do the thing, or finish the distraction and then go and do the thing immediately. Don’t tell yourself “oh I’ll do it later”. Tell yourself “I AM going to do it, as soon as I’ve finished this.”

Even if you end up spending just five single minutes doing the task that you’ve set yourself, that’s just as amazing. Why? Because it’s a step in the right direction. Baby steps are better than no steps. You don’t learn to run before you can walk.

And that’s the most important part I believe, rewarding yourself. If you don’t reward yourself at all, then why would you bother doing it again? It’ll be harder to motivate yourself to do it the next day.

So go forth my friends, conquer your tasks, live out your dreams, and take each day at a time!


Courtesy of the wonderful Jared Padalecki!

'You might not win every battle. There are going to be some really tough days. There might be several tough times in any given single day, but hopefully, this will help somebody to think, “This isn’t easy; it is a fight, but I’m going

Since Jared has revealed that he battles with depression I really have to say that he’s doing an amazing job at keeping the Always Keep Fighting campaign going, and raising a heck of a lot of money to support people in need.

So if you needed any motivation today, I hope that quote is enough. If not? Then listen to me when I say YOU CAN DO THIS. If you’re feeling like you’re in a major slump, that’s okay, you’re allowed to feel however you want to feel. This is the first Monday of 2016, it’s enough to make anyone feel glum.

On the other hand though, THIS IS THE FIRST MONDAY OF 2016, MAKE IT DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER MONDAY. Go outside, go to work, to school, and do something DIFFERENT. Wear some crazy outfit that everyone will be like “wtf” about, why? Because YOU CAN. Go to school with your hair in the most amazing up-do you’ve ever done, or if you’re a guy, go to school looking proper dapper like. Or go smaller scale, where bright socks today! Or some crazy underwear and smirk as you walk around, like you’re holding the biggest secret known to man, because you’re wearing crazy underwear.

You can do this. You got this. Go show Monday who is BOSS.


Monday Motivation – 1st Ever!

I’ve had a small break from blogging as you can tell, let’s just say that things took a massive turn, and I needed some thinking time to myself. Since then I’ve had a couple of thoughts about starting up again, and I’ve decided that I need to stop thinking about it, my thoughts need to turn into actions otherwise they just won’t get done. No better time to start than the present, right? RIGHT. Which is why I’m writing this, RIGHT NOW, even though I’m currently feeling sorry for myself and laying in bed because I’m unwell.

This is a new thing that I’m starting and a huge mission I wish to accomplish – Monday Motivation!!! I want to abolish the ‘Monday Blues’ saying, and replace it with ‘Monday Motivation’ or words to that effect. Too long we have sat and felt the perish of the long week ahead, too long we have dreaded that the weekend is a whole FIVE days away, and practically begged for that Friday Feeling.

Now it’s time to GET UP, and START TODAY. Each monday I hope to create a post that gives you that Monday Motivation. Whether it’s an inspiring story, a motivation quote, or an inspiring person. Monday Motivation IS BORN. So to start this up I’m going to give you a quote with the source in the photo. It’s something that I do regularly when I wake up each day and need a motivational boost.


YOU CAN DO THIS. Repeat it everyday, in the morning, that you feel like rubbish, and I guarantee you it will give you the push you need to get you motivated.

So that’s the Monday Motivation intro, if you have any tips, stories or want to guest blog Monday Motivation, then let me know by contacting me on twitter, or e-mailing me at –

Until next time,

Catch ya later Bromigo’s x.