Motivation Monday – Media Teaches Us

Hi folks

As you know I’ve hit a slump recently, and instead of fighting it, I just decided to accept it. I didn’t beat myself up over it, as much as I wanted to, I just went “okay, you’re in a bad mood. Go deal with it.” And that’s what I did.

So you may be asking, what did you do this weekend? Why didn’t we get a Rambles post on Sunday? Well that’s why. Instead of working or blogging, or Vlogging, I sat and had a day of films and Netflix. Surprisingly it taught me a lot that day, and reminded me that lessons can always be learnt, and the universe throws them out at us whenever it can, especially when we need it. We may not always see it at the time, but they’re still there.

Now I bet you’re thinking; what the hell is she rambling on about?

Let me explain.

You see, when I feel down, I feel like crap – I mean naturally right? Everyone does when they feel down. But I mean, sometimes it gets to the point where you physically can’t do anything, or the thought alone of doing it makes you feel so tired.

So when I was watching ‘About Time’, a film about a guy that can travel back in time only, I really wasn’t expecting a quote from it to lift me up as much as it did. Mainly because, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say this to anybody else. Which told me a few things about society today, but I’ll get into that in a bit. First I’ll give you the quote;  Continue reading



Not only is it Motivation Monday but it’s also A.A. Milne’s birthday today! Don’t know who he is? Why not?

A.A.Milne wrote a series of books called Winnie The Pooh, a story about a bear and his friends travelling and discovering their world, alongside a small boy called Christopher Robin.

A.A. Milne would’ve been 134 today!! *insert shocked emoticon here* And one of the most interesting and surprising things that I have learnt about him whilst researching him for todays blog post, is that he was in the army…TWICE.

He also wrote a HECK of a lot of plays too. And other books apart from Winnie The Pooh. Plus Christopher Robin was named after his own son!! SO MUCH LEARNING.

So for todays blog post, and Motivational Monday quote, I thought I’d share a perfect Winnie The Pooh quote, and one of my favourites, in honour of A. A. Milne’s birthday 🙂


Remember that message folks. Have a Happy Monday!! And until next time, I will catch ya later bromigo’s!