Wayward Daughters Thunderclap

Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday!!

Today I’ve been super duper busy, so this is a quick blog post to inform you guys of something really super awesome happening in America tonight. A new Supernatural episode! Now this isn’t just your average SPN episode, no, this is a special episode with Kathryn Newton, Kim Rhodes, and Katherine Ramdeen, 3/4 Wayward Daughters clan.


Now I could go on and say some of the spoilers that have been released, like episode descriptions and stuff, but I really don’t want to spoil ANY part of it for you guys. Instead I want to draw your attention towards the Thunderclap that has been set up by the wonderful Riley of @WaywardAcademy.

What is Wayward Daughters?

A fandom created spin-off idea that centralises around Jody, Claire, Alex, and Donna!

What is Thunderclap?

From what I can tell it’s something that sends out a specific tweet for you at a specific time. Similar to a flashmob really, but on twitter. So far, at the time of writing this, it is 3/4 of the way to reaching 1,000,000 people when the tweets are published. Which is INCREDIBLE.

Annnd as you can tell from my tweets today, and from previous mentions, I am so so so passionate about the idea of having a Wayward Daughters sequel you have no idea. But I’ll go into more detail about that later on in a vlog.

So join the Thunderclap now whilst you still can, and be part of this awesome thing that’s happening within the fandom! –  https://www.thunderclap.it/en/projects/37231

And whilst you’re at it you should give WaywardAcademy a follow on twitter 🙂

Hope everyone in the US enjoys the episode tonight 😀


Lemon Meringue Pie Debate||National Pie Day

Happy National Pie Day!!!!

Dean pie

Yes that’s right, it’s national pie day, and I have failed in my duty to have any pie. I am so sorry bromigo’s. I tired, I really did but by the time I got to the shops, THEY HAD SOLD OUT OF LEMON MERINGUE PIE.

Now let me tell you a story,

as I’m writing this, I’m on skype with a friend. And they just announced to me that Lemon Meringue isn’t actually a PIE.




My argument is that it’s called a LEMON MERINGUE PIE. His argument is that you can’t call it a pie because it doesn’t have an upper crust or something (idek he doesn’t make sense).

Anywhoo, this has now become a big debate between us and our friends. So if you wanna jump in on the bandwagon and send us your thoughts, you can do.

Help us figure out this topic, and vote:

Apparently and I quote “Dean Winchester wouldn’t be caught eating Lemon Meringue Pie”.


Help us figure it out guys.



Guest Post | Rhonda | SPN Family

Hi all. I’m Rhonda, *waves* and I am so excited to be writing here on Sophie’s blog! The way Sophie and I ‘met’ was quite fortuitious actually, and it wasn’t until we got to chatting that we realized we have many things in common. And so we decided to guest post on one another’s blogs. You can read her post over at rhondamhartman.blogspot.com because I’m sure you’re going to want to read it!  One of those things that we have in common is that we are both a part of the SPN Family.

Since you’re following Sophie’s blog I’ll assume you already know what the SPN Family is, but let me tell you tell you a little more about how important it is and how life changing it really can be; the span it has, and the impact on lives it can have. I know it’s “just a tv show” but it can really be more than that.

It can be a family.

I’m new to the family. I have had Supernatural on my Netflix queue for a very long time, but I had never gotten around to watching it. I was a fan of Jared Padalecki in Gilmore Girls, so I was semi reluctant to watch him in another show so soon. Particularly when he wouldn’t be playing the Dean character. It was silly on my part, but Americans are prone to frivolity. 😉

This past year, during Spring Break, (I’m a school teacher) I finally started watching it. I think I actually watched the first three seasons in one week. I was completely hooked. I began reading the fanfics, looking up the actors, the writers, connecting with other fans, learning of gishwhes, participating in gishwhes, basically I was living and breathing everything SPN related. I told every person alive that they should be watching it, and I worked it into nearly every single conversation. The show gets into your soul. I mean, it has you saying things like: I really love Lucifer, and Death is so funny. You guys know what I mean, right?

So how important is the SPN Family?

Just to give you an idea. If you are on Facebook, just search SPN support groups. There are a lot of them. This show brings together groups of people who band together to support one another through tough times. I am in one of these support groups. We have over 1,600 members. That is a lot of people with one singular thing bringing them together talking about their most intimate issues to virtual strangers with out shame. And these strangers are offering their unconditional support. It’s truly an amazing thing. People in these groups have offered their love, help, and support to complete strangers out of the kindness of their hearts just because they are fellow humans in need and “just a tv show” brought them together.

Misha Collins created Random Acts, a charity dedicated to random acts of kindness, for the sole purpose of encouraging people to be nice. And once a year all of these people brought together by “just a tv show” form groups to do nice things, have fun, and defy normalcy. Jared Padalecki created AKF or Always Keep Fighting to encourage people who are fighting any mental or physical illness to always keep fighting no matter what. Yes it might be “just a tv show” but it’s a tv show that has joined millions of people world wide into a family that supports one another in their battles.

It’s a family because as this tv show has taught us family doesn’t end in blood.

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My Five Favourite SPN FanVids

It’s no secret that I love the TV Show that is CW’s Supernatural, it’s not secret at all. And sometimes when I’m feeling a little bit ‘meh’ or uninspired I turn to the fandom and their creations. More specifically Supernatural fan videos. The amount of effort and editing that goes into them, and the amazing content produced by it always inspires me to get off my butt, create something that makes people feel that amazing, that inspired. Which is why I’m writing this now, to help inspire you, and also maybe show you how incredible these creations really are.

(Read more tag inserted because possible spoilers are in this post).

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Asylum 14 Recap Vlog!!

It’s Thursday and as promised here is this weeks Asylum 14 vlog!! Now Asylum 14 was quite a long time ago, and it’s weird I’m only just uploading it now I know, but you see, I’ve only just found the footage after thinking it was lost and gone forever. SO HURRAY!

If you enjoyed the vlog give it a special thumbs up, and I promise Asylum 16 vlogs are going to be far more epic!! As I’m going remember to film the whole four days!! And we’ve got some other stuff planned that if they work, should be cool!

Until next time bromigo’s, catch ya later!

The BEST Book Series

So I’m late to this book party, but I’m guessing some others might be too, so woohoo for lateness. Anywho, the book series I want to talk to you about is ‘The Rephaim’ series. Weird name huh? Well that’s because it’s about some weird people, well they’re not really people, they’re kind of angelically special. But I don’t want to say anything more because SPOILERS. And we hate those.

Awesome Series

Basically this girl, Gaby, has this dream, writes about it, then a tall blonde handsome fella enters her life and basically tells her that everything as she knows it is a lie. Then you follow Gaby’s journey on discovering who she is and how she gets her old life and family back.

THERE’S SO MANY PLOT TWISTS THOUGH. I WISH I could tell you ALL of them, but I really really don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s just that good, and I’m so freaking passionate about this. I love a good book, and it’s been a while since I’ve struggled to put a book down, and this is one of those books.

If you haven’t read the series and you love YA fantasy/supernatural genre’s in books, then this series is for you! The ending is perfectly rounded, and although you’re left wanting more (seriously Paula Weston get on that), it’s enough for you to be satisfied. Sort of when you’re hungry, then you eat, and after, you’re not full, but you’re not hungry either, and it was SUCH a good meal, but there’s nothing more left to eat.

Yep. That’s the type of imagery I use.

If you’ve read this I hope you found it as awesome as I did, and if you haven’t? READ IT. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.



Youtube Vids with friends!

As it’s wednesday and I haven’t had a chance to make any vids since coming back from my trip with friends, I thought now would be the perfect time to tell you all about the vids we made over on Dean’s channel, in no particular order.

So aside from my cosplay skills nowhere near matching theirs, we made a series of pretty funny videos about Supernatural, and what the character’s bunker life might be like, and other scenarios that were heartbreaking to make just as much as they were to watch after editing.

Without further ado, here they are:

This one was definitely a new experience for me. I’ve never done any acting, other than GCSE drama, but to do this was weird. It’s amazing how many emotions took over, and I still to this day can’t get over it.

As you can see from the thumbnail, Claire wasn’t impressed with Slender 😉 Basically, Sam, Dean, Cas, and Claire play Slender and the reactions are pretty hilarious.

This one I’m not in, but I did help shoot this. Why am I adding this in my blog post? BECAUSE LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THESE TWO ARE AT THIS SCENE, I MEAN SERIOUSLY.

And last but not least, my favourite one. “Life in the Bunker”. Team free will plus Claire, all get up to random crap, involving my very real and very bad impression of “blue steel”, and playing pranks on each other.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope that these videos make up for the 2 videos I’ve missed out on.

Catch ya later bromigo’s x.